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This Bomberman MMO Is Not Going To Let You Get Any Work Done Today


What would you rather do today — whatever boring thing you’re supposed to do at work, or play Bomberman online with 1,000 people? Before you answer, I should point out that there is only one correct answer to that question, and it is “Play Bomberman, duh!” that being the case, you should probably go check out Bombermine, an HTML 5 version of the classic game that lets you blow up — or if you’re me, get blown up by — up to a thousand Bomber-colleagues sharing the biggest Bomberman board you’ve ever seen.

The game looks to be an update to a Russian version that’s been around for a little while, but has just opened servers in the United States, European Union, and Japan, and this being the beta, it’s only open to guest play for now. Don’t worry, though — soon, you’ll be able to register a lasting character and track your statistics and standings, though this being Bomberman, “lasting” has a slightly different definition. Mine tend to last about 10 seconds at a time before I trap myself in a corner with my own bomb and promptly burst into an explosion of pixels and shame.

Since this isn’t Bomberman proper but a very high quality clone made for thousands, there are all sort of strange skins and power-ups — including one that turned every player one Bomber touched into South Park‘s Kenny — though the classic extra explosion and speed tokens are still on hand of course. Other than give players a much larger battlefield to accomodate a truly stupid number of opponents, the developers didn’t much muck about with the core graphics or gameplay of the original, and we’re happy for it. If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it — just build it to seat 1,000.

To keep up on all of Bombermine’s developments, you can follow them on Twitter @bombermine for updates. For right now, though, just take a few moments to play a couple rounds of Bombermine and bask in the glory of an absolutely huge battlefield, followed immediately by going “Gah, I didn’t mean to put that bomb THERE!” and exploding.

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