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Matthew Vaughn Plans to Reboot Kick-Ass and Expand the Kingsman Universe

A Patience Lee movie? Yes please.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, director Matthew Vaughn laid out his upcoming plans for his two most successful film franchises: the worlds of Kick-Ass and the Kingsman. The Marv Films head is currently expanding his brand to a newly launched Marv Studios, which he describes as “the modern version of what a studio can be,” and he has big plans for his gallery of irreverent superheroes.

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Mark Millar Fancasts Tessa Thompson as Patience Lee, the New Kick-Ass

While there's currently no new Kick-Ass film in the works, Millar already has an idea of who would take over the film role from Aaron Taylor-Johnson. 

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Mark Millar Re-Launches Kick-Ass Franchise With a Black, Female Protagonist

Kick-Ass put Mark Millar and his Millarworld imprint on the map back in the mid-2000s. Now, Millar is re-launching both Kick-Ass and its spin-off, Hit-Girl. But here's the exciting bit: the protagonist of Kick-Ass is no longer Dave Lizewski.

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X-Men’s Jane Goldman Joining Fables Film Writing Team, Updates on Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts

Also, the Fables movie is still a thing that is happening.

David Heyman's Paddington is making haymen at the box office, and so he's doing the usual press thing, which means he's being asked about his other projects, i.e., two geek properties that have women writing their screenplays, so, up our alley.

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ABC’s Agent Carter Casts A Friend For Peggy In Nikita Actress

Agent Carter has just picked up Nikita, Kick-Ass, and How I Met Your Mother actress Lyndsy Fonseca!

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John Romita, Jr. Makes it Clear He Doesn’t Like Jim Carrey Because of Kick-Ass 2 Comments

How will they settle this feud? Pistols at dawn?

John Romita, Jr., is very vocal about disliking Jim Carrey and his decision to withdraw support from Kick-Ass 2 last summer.

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron Finds Its Quicksilver In Kick-Ass


Following in the long-standing tradition of hiring actors from one comic book film to play a different character in another comic book film, Marvel has just hired Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Things We Saw Today: Kermit the Frog as Vincent van Gogh

Things We Saw Today

TMS favorite James Hance has done it again. (Neatorama)

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Hero-Glyphics, Proof All Those Time Travel Story Events Were Real

Our Adorable Past

Josh Ln has uncovered some rare artifacts, indeed, but I mean it's not like the Egyptians were really nerds. They were probably only pretending to be to get the attention of the Greeks.

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Jim Carrey Decries Violence of Kick-Ass 2, Mark Millar Responds by Defending Media Violence

What did he expect when he signed on for a film called Kick-Ass 2?

Jim Carrey, who is playing Colonel Stars and Stripes in the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, spoke out on Twitter saying that he isn't happy about the level of violence in the film. The film, which, again, is called Kick-Ass 2, is a sequel to a movie whose MPAA R rating was due to "strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, sexual content, nudity and some drug use - some involving children." The film that was also, coincidentally, filmed months ago. Perhaps Mr. Carrey should have expressed his discontent sooner.

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Watch The Trailer For Hit Girl: The Movie! I Mean, Kick-Ass 2. [VIDEO]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I...actually haven't seen Kick-Ass so I can't say I've been anticipating the sequel. That being said, this new international trailer for the film is basically all Chloë Grace Moretz's Hit Girl looking awesome and doing some impressive stuff. I'm also imaginging her as Carrie in a few of these scenes. Kick-Ass 2 hits theaters August 16th. (via The Hollywood Reporter) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Things We Saw Today: Someone Actually Got A Tattoo Like Jack’s From Mass Effect

Things We Saw Today

So would this make me a biotic? (via Kotaku.)

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Comic-Con: While You Were Sleeping, Part 2

It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

If you were at Comic-Con International in San Diego today, this is what you'd see. Here we have the aerial view of Hall H taken by Kara Warner from MTV. I'm speechless. Moving on, yesterday we brought you a roundup of the first day's biggest announcements and we're back to fill you in with what went down on Day 2 of the pop-culture show. Hit the jump to read about what went down at the Firefly reunion panel, some interesting stories from the DC and Marvel Comics panels, check out a new Walking Dead trailer, hear about new Game of Thrones cast members and a whole lot more!

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Hugo’s Chloë Moretz Has An Offer To Play Carrie In The Latest Remake

I Guess I Can't Argue With That

You know Chloë Moretz from her role as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass as well as her more recent job, acting alongside Asa Butterfield in Hugo, but you soon may see her drenched in blood. She's in talks to star in Kimberly Peirce's (Boys Don’t Cry) Carrie remake.

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People Who Bought This Armored Jacket From Amazon Also Bought The DVD of Kick-Ass

This Makes Sense

Under $100 is pretty good for an armored jacket, but we can't help but feel this is a situation where you get what you pay for. And though it severely strains our credibility, according to Amazon's algorithms, people who bought this jacket also bought...

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Real-Life Kick-Ass Update: Ass-Kicked

Well, not entirely kicked. Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones was involved in a scuffle in Seattle over the weekend and ended up with a broken nose. From SeattlePI:
Jones told KOMO the altercation that injured him happened Saturday night near Fifth Avenue and James Street. Jones, who said he was breaking up a fight, called 911 and put one of the men in a headlock and waited for police, KOMO reported. Another man pulled out a gun seconds later and when the superhero let go of the man he was holding, that man kicked him in the face and broke his nose, Jones told KOMO.
Seattle police are still annoyed by the costumed crew, saying they should "trade their capes for cell phones," and pondering (mockingly), "Does Superman get his ass kicked?" What a bunch of cynical-pants! Phoenix Jones does admit that calling 911 was "like waving a white flag," but insists that while he suffered a slight injury, he and his fellow superheroes are still more prepared to handle street thugs than the average citizen. He says, "I endanger my life with a reason and a purpose," and maintains that "if police aren't here, criminals feel free to run wild in my city." Godspeed, Phoenix Jones. Godspeed. Previously: Real Life Superheroes in Seattle (SeattlePI via Movieline)

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Is There a Real Life Kick-Ass Roaming Seattle?

Have you seen this masked man, Seattle? First reported in November, a man wearing an exceedingly well-made superhero costume has been stalking the streets of Seattle, looking for crime to fight. Like in Kick-Ass, except real. He calls himself Phoenix Jones, and apparently, he has actually prevented a crime.

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The Cape Attempts to Replace Heroes Next Season on NBC, but Is that a Good Idea?

NBC is certainly not done with the superhero drama genre, but I'm forced to wonder just how long they can beat this horse. In a post- Dark Knight and Kick-Ass world where men in long underwear and capes can go toe-to-toe with dirty cops and criminals realistically, isn't it time to bring some of that to the small screen? Enter: The Cape, a drama about a good cop in a bad city who must become the beloved hero of his young son when he's framed for murder and assumed dead by both those he loved and those who betrayed him. Because Heroes, obviously, wasn't grounded in reality enough.

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Matthew Vaughn is Directing X-Men: First Class in a Year

It's official: Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick-Ass and Stardust, is at the helm of X-Men: First Class, the reboot of the X-Men movie franchise. This new prequel film (a long the same world-exploring lines as Wolverine: Origins) will "chart the epic beginning of the X-Men saga," which probably means Professor X and Magneto as young rebellious allegory-for-civil-rights-leaders.

This dashes our dreams of watching a movie where the X-Men sit at the front of an airplane for two and a half hours, enjoying complementary drinks.

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Kick-Ass Sequel? Color Us Skeptical

After a significant amount of pre-release backlash and a opening weekend that netted slightly less money than a kids movie that's been out for a month, it's still not too late (early?) for the people behind Kick-Ass to start talking about a sequel. Stars Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, in an interview with MTV News, said that there was one in the works. Mintz-Plasse's character Red Mist would be the villain. Of course, their info seems to be based on a conversation Mintz-Plasse had with Mark Millar "a few months ago," and we all know that Mark Millar never makes unfounded claims about movie deals that never actually happened. Ever.

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