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Season 3 of Jessica Jones Wrestles With Heroism, Family, and Expectations

Everyone wants to be a hero on Jessica Jones.

After years of fighting it, season 3 finally sees Jessica embrace her goodness, and the world is better for it.

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The Trailer for Season 3 of Jessica Jones Teases a Sinister New Villain

Plus a new costume for Trish "Hellcat" Walker.

The first trailer for season three of Netflix's Jessica Jones teases a new villain and a new look for Trish Walker. As Jones says in voice-over, “Everybody’s a got a story: A beginning, a middle, an end.”

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Krysten Ritter Steps Behind the Camera in Season 3 of Jessica Jones

The actor directs an episode focusing on Trish Walker.

In a newly released featurette, Netflix takes us behind the scenes of Jessica Jones season 3, where star Krysten Ritter directs her first episode.

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The Deaths of LGBTQ Characters Might Not Hurt As Much If We Had More of Them

Include us and let us be happy!

A character's sexuality shouldn't be a catch-all shield against doom and death. But when there are so few gay characters in genre television across the board, especially horror, these deaths sting because they're depriving audiences of important representation.

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Jessica Jones and Its Legacy of Female Anger

RIP to the best superheroine television show ever.

Jessica Jones was (for me at least) the greatest achievement of the Netflix/Marvel partnership.

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Netflix Cancels Jessica Jones and The Punisher, so Bye Bye Marvel

Another one bites the dust.

Thanos's snap, and Disney's own streaming service, have upset the balance of the universe.

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Netflix/Marvel’s Jessica Jones Loses Creator to Warner Bros. TV

Melissa Rosenberg, the creator and executive producer of the Marvel/Netflix series Jessica Jones, is jumping ship.

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The Cast and Crew of Jessica Jones Discuss Season 2, #MeToo and More

The team gathered for a Q+A at at Netflix’s FYSEE panel event

The cast and crew of Jessica Jones appeared on a panel yesterday for Netflix's FYSEE event to discuss season two, the #MeToo Movement, and their experiences making critically lauded series. In attendance were director of photography Manuel Billeter, head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb, creator and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, as well as cast members Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Janet McTeer, and Eka Darville.

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Should Marvel’s Netflix Shows be Limited to One Season to Stave Off the Sophomore Slump?

When I wrote about Marvel's Jessica Jones being renewed for a third season on Netflix, my feelings were very firmly meh, as its second season left much to be desired. Come to think of it, the second season of Daredevil left much to be desired, too. Perhaps Marvel has been thinking about these shows all wrong. Maybe Marvel should treat them less like episodic television and more like mini-series.

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Netflix Renewed Marvel’s Jessica Jones for a Third Season—But Do We Even Still Care at This Point?

We got word yesterday that Marvel's Jessica Jones has been renewed for a third season over at Netflix. Now, as a fan of all things female-led and female created (yes, I know Brian Michael Bendis created the character, but I'm talking about the show, which was developed for television by Melissa Rosenberg), a part of me is happy about this. The other part of me ... is meh.

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“It Just Didn’t Occur to Me”: Jessica Jones Showrunner Addresses the Show’s Diversity Problem

We have been very vocal about our disappointment about the latest season of Jessica Jones, especially in regard to the treatment of men and women of color. (Jeri was great though.) Thankfully, it hasn't been just us and the criticism about the issue has been loud enough that it reached the ears of showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg.

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Netflix Gives Us the Best Part of Trish’s Storyline from Jessica Jones With the “I Want Your Cray Cray” Video

Do you want Trish's Cray-Cray?

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Alright, Let’s Talk About Trish Walker

AKA The Actual Worst.

The worst, and I mean worst, part of this season has been Trish Walker.

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Jessica Jones Is Great at Examining Trauma—Unless It Happens to Women of Color

I do love Jessica Jones. I love the way it addresses women's anger, trauma, and self-destruction. But I really do NOT like the way it portrays women of color.

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Jeri Hogarth Is Jessica Jones’ Messy, Compelling Look at Female Success Under Capitalism

Jeri Hogarth on Jessica Jones may be a queer character who's evil, but she's never been an "evil queer." She's an evil capitalist.

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Jessica Jones Has a Problem with How It Handles Race and Gender When Superpowers Are in the Mix

Season Two of Jessica Jones is a bit of an adventure so far. I'm still processing how I feel about it, as I have a handful of episodes left, but there is one scene that is really sticking in my craw.

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Meet the All-Female Lineup of Directors from Jessica Jones Season Two

Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg knew that she wanted to hire more female directors for the 13-episode second season. Then Netflix's Allie Goss said, "Why not all 13?"

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Krysten Ritter Celebrates Jessica Jones as “a Show That Can Express the Anger” of #MeToo and #TimesUp

"I love Jessica Jones because of the work I get to do and the material as an actress," said star Krysten Ritter. "But obviously, the fact that we participate in a huge social conversation? It's amazing. It doesn't happen every day that you're on a show you love doing and acting in that also inspires a lot of social conversations."

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Things We Saw Today: Jessica Jones’ Characters Are Struggling, and That’s Important

A behind-the-scenes featurette looks at the show on the verge of its new season. Everyone is super-empowered and super-sad!

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Krysten Ritter Teaching Stephen Colbert How to Knit Is the Wholesome Content You Need Today

The two talking about Netflix's upcoming new season Jessica Jones which has all-female directors.

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