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Things We Saw Today: We Know When Jessica Jones Is Coming Back, and We’ve Got a New Trailer!

We've got a new trailer for Season Two of Jessica Jones, and a release date! The new season will land on Netflix on March 8, 2018, and it looks like it will deal just as heavily with trauma and recovery as the first did.

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The Purple Man Is Back Messing With Jessica Jones’ Head in Season 2

Jessica Jones might've thought she did away with Kilgrave in the season 1 finale, but every comic book fan knows that you can't keep your worst nemesis down.

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Things We Saw Today: Ragnarok‘s Tessa Thompson Wants An All-Female Marvel Movie

Tessa Thompson gathered some other Women of Marvel to approach Kevin Feige at a Ragnarok press event to present the idea of an all-female film.

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BoJack Horseman Reveals He Plays Life Is Strange & You Cannot Convince Me It’s Not Canon

Twitter canon is the best canon.

When BoJack Horseman's fourth season premiered on Netflix earlier this month, the character's Twitter account spent a few days responding to pretty much everyone discussing the show online. This included Luc Baghadoust, the producer of DONTNOD's Life Is Strange. Clearly, he's a fan.

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Jessica Jones Is the First Marvel Netflix Show That Most Viewers Watch

Netflix revealed that Jessica Jones is the first Marvel show that most of their viewers watch.

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Jessica Jones and Bojack Horseman Would Make the Best Netflix Crossover Ever

The trailer for the upcoming season of Netflix's Bojack Horseman makes it clear that a good chunk of the season will deal with Bojack having gone missing after the events of Season 3. Sounds like we might need a private investigator. Luckily, Netflix has one of those, too!

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The Last Trailer for The Defenders Is Here and Sigourney Weaver Is Absolutely Terrifying

I just got chills watching this.

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Let Your Nightmares Begin: David Tennant, A.K.A. Kilgrave, Returns to Jessica Jones For S2

The above photo is as chilling as it is exciting. Despite talk to the contrary from early last year, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that David Tennant will indeed be reprising the role of the sadistic villain, Kilgrave, on Season 2 of Jessica Jones.

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Oh No, Is The Defenders Going to Be Iron Fist-Centric?

The Defenders looks like it'll focus on The Hand as one of its primary villains. So what role will Iron Fist play?

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Jessica Jones Hates Iron Fist, and We Love Her For It

Feelings have been, shall we say, less than favorable about the most recent installment in the Netflix Marvelverse, Iron Fist. However, we'll have plenty more Danny Rand to deal with on the upcoming show, The Defenders, which brings him together with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. If you're not entirely thrilled with that, don't worry. Neither is Jessica Jones.

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New Defenders Teaser Whets Our Appetite and Reveals Premiere Date

In a brief teaser, we see the team—Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Matt Murdock and Danny Rand—together, and learn when Marvel's new superheroes-unite series The Defenders will be released.

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Things We Saw Today: Come Knit a Snood With Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter is apparently a huge fan of knitting. To celebrate her hobby, she's partnered with We are knitters to sell a knitting kit for a giant wool infinity scarf that doubles as a hood.

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Jessica Jones Does Not Handle Popularity Well in The Defenders

Krysten Ritter talked about Jessica Jones' challenges with teamwork and newfound success in the upcoming season of The Defenders.

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Daredevil Is Losing a Bit of Faith When the Defenders Come Around, It Seems

This is a big year for Marvel and Netflix's superhero shows. After successful outings with Daredevil (season one and two), Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage—not to mention upcoming Iron Fist and Punisher series—their heroes will finally come together in their own Avengers-esque crossover series, but not all of them are necessarily happy about it—in-universe, anyway.

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Jessica Jones‘ S.J. Clarkson Confirmed as First Director for The Defenders

In addition to series such as Heroes and House, Clarkson's recent work also includes episodes of Orange is the New Black and Vinyl. With this news from Marvel, she becomes the very first director confirmed for The Defenders.

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Jessica Jones EP Confirms Season 2 Will Be Entirely Directed By Women

Season two of Marvel's Netflix series Jessica Jones may still be in the works—and as of now, isn't slated to premiere until 2018 on the streaming service—but one more piece of info has just been revealed about who will be working behind the camera on the second season.

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Why Jessica and Trish Getting Together on Jessica Jones Would Be a Bad Idea

Yesterday, we learned that, in a recent interview, Melissa Rosenberg won't be letting Jessica Jones off the hook that easily on the second season of her eponymous show. Kilgrave may be gone, but Jessica will still be dealing with the effects of her trauma for some time to come—just like in real life. However, Rosenberg also discussed another aspect of the show—the female friendship at its center—and discussed different possible approaches to it that I have very mixed feelings about.

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Melissa Rosenberg: Jessica Jones Season 2 Will Continue to Deal With Trauma; She Won’t Just Be “OK Now”

The second season of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones is still a ways off—potentially arriving in 2018—and that's allowed the show's writers a more relaxed approach to writing season 2. They're making progress, though, and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg says the show's head-on tackling of its protagonist's traumatic experiences will continue in season 2.

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Amy Poehler, Jessica Jones Grab First Emmy Awards

Other winners included Mr. Robot and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

There were several first-time winners on the first night of the 68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmys, which began Saturday night but will continue with the second half of awards tonight.

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Diverse Characters Need Diverse Writers: Why Brian Michael Bendis Needs to Let Other Kids Play With His Toys

Sharing is caring.

Bendis has a good inclination toward creating new female, POC, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ characters for the Marvel Universe, but then has a bad habit of being the only writer who advances their stories in a meaningful way. Or he hands them over to another straight white male instead of someone who can draw on lived experience to write the character. That can have devastating effects for representation on and off the page, and it needs to change.

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