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Can’t Wait for Google Glass? Don’t. Build Your Own

Google Glass, and projects like it, promise to be an exciting new future for how humans interact with technology. The problem, of course, is that the future these wearable computers promise isn't here yet, or is it? Tired of waiting, artificial intelligence researcher Rod Furlan built his own prototype of Google Glass out of components already available. The best part? He outlined his process, so now we can all give it a try.

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Designer of iPod Touch Has New Toy on Kickstarter, We’d Like One Immediately

Just in time for the holidays, Michael Rosenblatt, the lead designer of the first iPod Touch, has a new toy -- Atoms Express. Atoms Express is a modular building toy that claims to let kids "make things that do things." We've always wanted to let kids make things do things! That's the best. It's currently making its way through Kickstarter right now, but maybe we can have it in time for the holidays next year? Please?

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The “Mini iPad Mini” Sounds Too Good to Be True… Because It’s Fake [Video]

When it comes to Apple, things tend to move very quickly. Apple announces the iPad Mini, and it's available the next week. Apple releases one version of the iPad, and then they release a new one just seven months later. Apple releases a new product, and Apple's critics make funny videos at Apple's expense.

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Is Apple Readying a Smaller iPad or Are We Just Pawns in a Larger Game?

Since WWDC 2012, all Apple fans have been able to talk about is the possibility of a new mobile device from the company. The device is popularly believed to be a smaller, seven-inch version of the iPad designed to do battle with Google's Nexus 7 and a forthcoming Amazon Kindle Fire refresh. Do we really have new hardware in our future, or is there something larger at work here?

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Custom Fallout Vault Dweller Sneakers Have Dual, Built-In iPod Touches

For any of you out there looking for the dopest of kicks, I've got good news; we've found them. These Fallout themed shoes, called Vault Dweller Dunks are a one-of-a-kind custom joint by shoe-artists (shartists?) Jacob Patterson and Emmanuelabor. The most noteworthy quality of these sneaks, besides paying homage to what might be one of the best video games series of all time, is that they include two jailbroken iPod Touches as the tongues, each using a Pip-Boy theme because you've got to have symmetry, right?

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Apple Releases iOS 4.3 Ahead of Schedule

Two days before the iPad 2 hits stores and two days before its initially announced release, Apple has rolled out iOS 4.3 as of 1pm EST/10am PST. Available for the iPhone 3GS, the GSM model iPhone 4, the third- and fourth-generation iPod Touch, and the present and future iPad, the update upticks Safari performance, beefs up AirPlay, enables iTunes home sharing, and broadens Personal Hotspot support to all iPhone 4s. Full iOS 4.3 details here; download it by hooking your iDevice up to your computer and checking for updates in iTunes. (h/t TNW)

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Adult Swim Releases Free App for iOS to Stream Full Episodes and Clips

Cartoon Network's nighttime alter ego, Adult Swim, home of The Venture Bros.Tim and Eric, Family Guy reruns, and a running gag about a robot humping machinery, released an iOS app that streams full episodes and clips of their shows, as well as provides a schedule if one is inclined to watch their shows on something other than an Apple product.

The iPad version of the app comes with extremely important extras, such as an Adult Swim music player, a clock, weather info, and a calculator.

Most importantly, the app is on the market for the super low price of free, which is less expensive than most things.

(iTunes Store via How-To Geek)

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An Extra Daylight Savings Warning for iProduct Users

If you don't happen to own an iPhone or iPod touch that you depend on for alarms, please disregard the rest of this message and enjoy the above video of the most boring dads in the world telling you to turn your clocks back with a parody of We Are The World. If you do happen to use recurring alarms on iPhone or iPod, you should know that there's a glitch that will, unless you do a couple of simple things, fail to take into account daylight savings and may make you late. If you live in an area that doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time, I guess you can just disregard this entire post.

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What Kids Want for Christmas This Year: Apple Products

The results are in from the Duracell Toy Report, an annual report that tracks what kids from ages five to sixteen want for Christmas. The big winner: Apple, which swept the #1, #2, and #3 slots. Who gets their child/tween an iPhone 4, though? Survey results below:

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iOS 4.2 Beta Available for Download (for Developers, That Is)

Hate to go with two 'someone just released a beta of something' type posts in a row, but it's that kind of day! Apple has released the first developer's build of the much-anticipated iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch through its Dev Center. Yes, that means multitasking for the iPad, although only iOS developers will be able to download it from thence. Apple has also put out a press release formally announcing AirPrint, the wireless printing architecture that Apple showed off at its fall event. For non-developers, iOS 4.2 will be available to the rest of us as a free download in November.

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Welcome Your New iPod Overlords

True to expectation, this afternoon's Apple announcement has brought major revamps to the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch lines. What's new?

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Despite DC Doublespeak, Digital Won’t Help Retailers

DC Comics, the more senior half of the Big Two, announced that they are also going to be diving in to the realm of digital distribution, and doing so even more aggressively than Marvel. DC will be creating a iThing App, as well as partnering with and the PlayStation Network to bring comic books straight to your PSP, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or desktop computer.  From The Source:
“At DC Comics, it has been a top priority that DC forges a meaningful, forward-looking digital strategy,” said Jim Lee, Co-Publisher, DC Comics. “As both a comic book creator and Co-Publisher, it was incredibly important that our plan includes not only creator incentive payments, but also an innovative component that supports comic shop owners. We see digital as an opportunity to grow our entire business.”
Digital distribution that supports brick and mortar stores?  People keep saying this, and we keep wincing.

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Apple’s iOS4 Came Today, Here’s What’s New

Update: iOS 4 is now available for download on iTunes. You will need to upgrade iTunes to 9.2, however. At an indeterminate time today that describes only as "soon" iOS4, the new OS for iPhones and iPod Touches, will become available for download. Let us remind you why it's worth the upgrade, aside from the fact that it's, you know, free. Not to say it's perfect, but it brings some much-needed improvements. Multitasking is most likely the biggest change. Users can now run multiple apps at the same time, running Pandora while you check your mail, for instance, or any other combination you choose. There are several other uses for this tech besides just listening to music while you do other things, and the main breakthrough here is that you can multitask all these apps without draining the battery insanely quickly.

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iPod Touch with 2MP Camera Leaks in — Where Else? — Vietnam [Pics]

Now it's just getting ridiculous:, the Vietnamese scoop factory behind the leaked iPhone 4, is back with a bevy of clear photographs of what appears to be an iPod Touch with a 2 megapixel camera.

Some skepticism is warranted: According to BGR, even if this iPod Touch is a genuine Apple product and not a counterfeit, it's still possible that this could be "an older prototype left over from Apple’s failed attempt at placing a camera in the iPod Touch last year."

Judge for yourself:

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More Misplaced Apple Prototypes? The Next Gen iPod Touch

Hot on the heals of a near complete accidental reveal of the iPhone 4G, 9 To 5 Mac noticed that for a little while this morning there were two strange iPod Touches with strange built-in cameras and a strange operating system on eBay.

Strangely, the auction was swiftly pulled.

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iPhone OS 4.0: Pros and Cons

Earlier this afternoon, we watched with interest as Apple finally released details on the long-awaited iPhone OS 4.0. While there are some definite cons associated with this major upgrade to the iPhone OS, there are plenty of pros: It looks like Steve Jobs and company will unleash lots of new features and APIs that will redefine iPhone and iPod Touch users' experience when OS 4 is released this summer. There was quite a bit of information packed into the nearly two-hour-long double announcement and press conference. Here, distilled down to the essentials, are iPhone OS 4.0's pros and cons, as well as a few additional things to consider in the run up to its release:

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iPad Rumor of the Day: Smaller 5- and 7-Inch Models Coming Next Year

We know you're not sick of news from the iPad rumor mill. According to Taiwanese paper Digitimes, Apple is apparently planning to release a 5- to 7-inch iPad designed for consumers who don't want the full experience of the iPad early next year. The same iPad that was released just last weekend. Quick on their feet, aren't they?

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Did Nintendo Announce the 3DS So That It Wouldn’t Leak?

There is a compelling argument to be made. News of the 3DS was oddly timed already, coming as it did a few days before it's predecessor, the DSi XL (above), launched. Announcing the replacement for a device that hasn't gone on sale yet doesn't seem like sound strategy.

CNBC talked to analyst Billy Pigeon, “Apparently, the Japanese press was all over it and talked with suppliers there and Nintendo just wanted to get out ahead by breaking the news to prevent a leak... Does it clash with the DSi XL? Yes it does."

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Why geohot’s Latest iPhone/iPod Touch Jailbreak Excites Tech Geeks, With or Without the iPad

George Hotz, a.k.a. geohot, the already-legendary 20-year-old hacker who made his name by jailbreaking the iPhone and hacking the "unhackable" PlayStation 3, is back with a new exploit that's sure to make waves: An untethered, software-based jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch. And that's not all: On his blog, Hotz writes that the software "will probably work on iPad too."

But in plain English: Why does anyone care? Explanation, and demo video, after the jump:

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Dr. Horrible makes it to the iPhone

The comic book incarnation of Emmy award-winning, viral musical extravaganza, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, has made it to the iTunes store. Now, anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch (or iPad if you're a developer or supervillain) can plunker down $.99 for their copy of the e-comic.

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