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iPod Touch with 2MP Camera Leaks in — Where Else? — Vietnam [Pics]

Now it’s just getting ridiculous:, the Vietnamese scoop factory behind the leaked iPhone 4, is back with a bevy of clear photographs of what appears to be an iPod Touch with a 2 megapixel camera.

Some skepticism is warranted: According to BGR, even if this iPod Touch is a genuine Apple product and not a counterfeit, it’s still possible that this could be “an older prototype left over from Apple’s failed attempt at placing a camera in the iPod Touch last year.”

Judge for yourself:


Gizmodo commenter dsnoir, and I’m a Hanoian has helpfully provided us with a translation of the video above: (and seriously, what’s with all of the loud noises in the background?)

Hands on with iPod Touch camera

00:14 – Do you think it’s true?

00:46 – Let’s see…

00:49 – This is an iPod Touch… It seems as usual as any other iPod Touch. But this got something special, and it’s this camera.

01:03 – The camera has a very small hole next to it, probably the mic.

01:13 – And here is the common iPod Touch 8GB. You can see that they are not different from each other much, but this one has a camera. And a mic next to it.

01:29 – I press the Home button, slide it. This runs OS version 4.0

*Wow, does he have three hands?*

01:39 – I try to press the button… but it won’t start yet.

01:48 – It starts the testing OS.

01:59 – Draaa to unlock (lol)

02:05 – Camera. Touch function. Maybe these are hardware testing functions. Like when I press Home button, this icon flashes. Wifi function. Microphone… The ambient light sensor. (He said “sensor”, I wonder if it is a new feature too)

02:34 – *aaaaaaa hammer noises! Can’t hear what was he mumbling*

02:45 – As we have known, there are many rumors about a new iPod Touch with camera feature, but Apple hasn’t confirmed it yet. Maybe this is the product, an iPod Touch with camera. I hope Apple will announce it in this June.

03:04 – I got some information right here. It has 64GB capacity… *fast forward*

03:11 – Next to iPad, a Dell Streak…

03:13 – This is a leather cover for an iPad.

*I’m pretty sure this video was recorded next to a small steel workshop*

03:26 – And this is Dell Streak, aka Dell Mini 5.

*I don’t know about Dell Streak yet, but the startup screen shows VN Mobifone, a Vietnamese mobile service, so Dell Streak must be a smartphone*

03:36 – And this is iPod Touch.

03:43 – Thank you

( via Boy Genius Report)

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