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Custom Fallout Vault Dweller Sneakers Have Dual, Built-In iPod Touches

For any of you out there looking for the dopest of kicks, I’ve got good news; we’ve found them. These Fallout themed shoes, called Vault Dweller Dunks are a one-of-a-kind custom joint by shoe-artists (shartists?) Jacob Patterson and Emmanuelabor. The most noteworthy quality of these sneaks, besides paying homage to what might be one of the best video games series of all time, is that they include two jailbroken iPod Touches as the tongues, each using a Pip-Boy theme because you’ve got to have symmetry, right?

From Patterson, on the Custom Sneaker Forum:

The tongues feature jailbroken iPod Touches that have been given sounds, themes, apps, music, and related materials to fit the Fallout universe. Originally I had planned to sculpt or paint the tongues out to look like the actual Pip-Boy device, but it was too noisy. Instead, I trusted the Pip-Boy theme to do the job, and it does in a much more subtle way. On the sides are painted a soldier in Power Armor from Fallout 3 and a Ranger from New Vegas.

If you want the full story on how this year and a half project finally yielded this frankly amazing pair of sneakers that are far too awesome to wear, check out Patterson’s lengthy but intriguing post on the Custom Sneaker Forum. If you just want to salivate, here are some more pictures.

(a little bit on the awesome side via Bit Rebels)

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