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Dr. Nancy Grace Roman, ‘Mother of Hubble’ Space Telescope, Passes Away at 93

Roman was NASA's first Chief of Astronomy.

Roman was a key figure in the conception and launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, which has given us some of the most spectacular images of our galaxy.

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Hubble Space Telescope Gets Life Extension of Another Five Years

Five more years! Five more years!

Unlike "four more years," which typically winds up annoying about half the country—give or take—five more years is pretty universally exciting, because it means half a decade more of science using a piece of equipment that was only meant to last until 2005: the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Hubble Telescope Breaks Cosmic Distance Record, Observes Oldest Galaxy Ever

The Hubble Space Telescope has just broken the cosmic distance record and spotted the oldest galaxy ever found--and thus, the farthest galaxy ever observed: GN-z11.

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Astronomers’ Prediction of a Supernova Is Both Less and More Impressive Than It Sounds

We have trouble predicting whether or not it's going to rain on a given day (which is understandable, because meteorology is hard), so how did astronomers, for the first time, predict when a star—much further up in the sky than clouds—was going to explode so they could be watching? Well, technically, they didn't, but that doesn't make its predicted appearance any less impressive.

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Things We Saw Today: Sophie Turner Does an Electrifying Storm Impression

Also, Tom Hiddleston being like "you eat that cake, girl."

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Beautiful Photos of the Bacteria Found on Toilet Seats, iPhones, and Inside a Butthole

Sorry, space porn, you've been replaced.

Although Marcus DeSieno told Wired that growing up he "was absolutely terrified of germs," you wouldn't know it from the photographer's most recent series, Cosmos.

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Hubble Space Telescope Celebrates 25th Anniversary By Updating Iconic “Pillars of Creation” Image

I think I can see Thanos!

Ultimate Space Porn Reboot!

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Hubble Program Admits Double Standard, Journalists Concerned About Female Cosmonaut’s Hair

One small step for man, two giant leaps back. One small step, two leaps back.

In space, no one can hear your bias, but on Earth you better check your privilege.

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NASA Telescopes Discover Water on Distant Planet, the Search for Alien Life Continues!

Now they just need to look for earth, fire, wind, and heart.

Researchers using several NASA telescopes have detected water in the atmosphere of a distant exoplanet. It's the smallest exoplanet which has had atmospheric elements identified, which is an important step in the search for worlds outside our solar system that may support life.

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Supermassive Black Hole Found In Tiniest Galaxy Yet

Black holes and revelations.

Supermassive black holes are known for hanging around the centers of large galaxies and keeping us all in orbit, but a new find suggests they might be at the center of much smaller galaxies, as well, which raises questions about how they got there. A tiny nearby galaxy appears to host one of these massive black holes, which means we could find a lot more of them out there.

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Lots of Amazing Space Images Aren’t “Real,” but Maybe That’s OK

Like regular porn, spaceporn can be misleading.

Hey there! Pull up a chair—we need to have a talk. It's about all those pictures in your browser history. We know what you've been looking at, and there's nothing wrong with it, but we wanted to talk to you about how realistic it is and make sure you understand it's not entirely accurate. Yes. We're talking about your spaceporn.

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This Hubble Space Telescope Set Could Join LEGO’s Rapidly Expanding Universe

Insights into space and time not included.

This CUSOO LEGO Hubble Space Telescope design already has over 5,000 supporters, but considering the scientific achievements that a set like this would commemorate, I suspect that number might increase. Although good luck getting the Ultra Deep Field to work properly--it's hard to make awesome space porn when you're stuck on Earth.

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Listen To Optimus Prime Talk About Hubble’s Successor

James Webb Space Telescope, roll out!

Do you love Transformers and also space? Then you might want to watch this new video from NASA featuring Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime himself), describing how Hubble's successor, the James Webb Space Telescope, will be 'transformed' into a working telescope a million miles away.

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You Can Paint With All The Colors of The Universe In This Stunning Hubble Image

It might be time for a Pocohontas in Space movie.

Space is full of infinite blackness, but only if you're looking at it with your dumb limited human eyeballs. If you pan back and throw some ultraviolet light on everything, you can see a whole panorama of gorgeous colors. Good thing we have the Hubble Ultra Deep Field for just such a situation!

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Nasa Releases New Hubble Space Telescope Images of A Star Being Violently Born

I sure hope the universe got an epidural.

Man, human babies have it easy. All they have to endure is the trauma of being forced out of a uterus. You know what stars have to deal with when they're being born? Massive amounts of nebula cloud gas being violently twisted by radiation and coalescing into exploding balls of fire. At least they're pretty, though, right?

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Jupiter’s “Great Red Spot” Is Shrinking, Why?

Maybe it's cold? We've heard that happens.

One of Jupiter's most iconic features is its "Great Red Spot" a huge storm that's the largest one in our entire solar system. At one point, it could have fit three Earths, but more recent images by the Hubble Space Telescope show it has shrunk and could now only fit one Earth. So why's the weather clearing up on Jupiter?

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Astronomers Found Some New Images of Planet Formation in Alien Star Systems in Old Hubble Data

Hubble's been holding out on us.

The Hubble Space Telescope's life may be winding down, but it's still got some fight left in it. Astronomers revisited some of Hubble's old data with new image processing techniques, and they discovered that Hubble had captured some previously unknown photos of the formation of planets around distant stars, so take a look at what they found.

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New Technique Will Use Hubble’s Successor to Find Alien Life

Unless there isn't any, which would be incredibly disappointing.

The search for life on other planets is tough, because no matter how many alien worlds we discover, it's hard to know just which ones might have little facehuggers extraterrestrial organisms skittering around. Scientists have come up with a new method for spotting life-supporting planets, and all they need is Hubble's successor.

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NASA Scientists Use Photons from the Sun to Balance Kepler Space Telescope, Because Science is Amazing

The power of the sun in the palm of our hands. Or on our spacecraft. Whichever.

It's expensive to get a new telescope into space to search for alien worlds, so NASA scientists have come up with an ingenious way to reactivate the defunct Kepler space telescope. It's been unable to properly aim its field of vision after losing too many of its stabilizing gyroscopes, but it will now balance itself against photon energy from the sun.

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One Million Space Photos Animated in the Movie In Saturn’s Rings, Our Jaws Drop [Video]

We suddenly feel very small.

The film In Saturn's Rings takes over a million photographs from Cassini, Hubble, Voyager and more and turns them into an incredible animated ride through the universe. Sure, you've flown through pretend space plenty of times in movies, but when you watch this and realize that what you're seeing is real, it's spectacular.

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