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This Hubble Space Telescope Set Could Join LEGO’s Rapidly Expanding Universe

Insights into space and time not included.


This CUSOO LEGO Hubble Space Telescope design already has over 5,000 supporters, but considering the scientific achievements that a set like this would commemorate, I suspect that number might increase. Although good luck getting the Ultra Deep Field to work properly–it’s hard to make awesome space porn when you’re stuck on Earth.

CUUSOO user GRusso submitted the designs, and says

If you are wondering how I made it round, well… let’s say it took a lot of “technic” parts and a lot of creativity. Can’t really say more than that. :) A LEGO model of this amazing piece of space engineering would come as a perfect homage to its [the Hubble’s] 25th anniversary in 2015 (little more than a year from now).


You can check out pictures of minifigs interacting with the telescope and get context for the set’s size here, then don’t forget to show your support over at CUUSOO. How else will you be able to track down all the exoplanets in your living room?


(via io9)

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