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“Lady-Friendly” Doritos Are the Latest in Unnecessary and Confusingly Gendered Products

The "lady-friendly" Doritos chip will be smaller in size, "make less of a crunch noise", and come in a packet that's "specifically designed to fit inside a handbag." 

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Ads That Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes Are Being Banned … But Not in the U.S.

Advertisements that perpetuate gender stereotypes will now be banned under new, stricter guidelines in the UK. For a lot of Americans, this sounds like a utopian dream–one in which those behind the commercials and other ads we see recognize that theirs is an industry designed to target our susceptible subconscious and holds itself to standards to make sure that power isn't abused.

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Someone Please Explain to Me Why This Razor Has Boobs

Also it's a robot. A robot razor with full breasts.

Now, thanks to Schick, we can finally picture an anthropomorphic razor with a well-defined bosom.

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Toy Store Commercial Casually Tosses Gender Norms Aside, Is Great as a Result

The holiday season is almost upon us—after we get all spooky for the rest of the month—and that probably means we've got a lot of gendered advertising coming our way, since we still live in a world of "boys'" and "girls'" toy aisles. Before that all kicks off, then, why not watch this UK commercial for Smyths Toys Superstores that tosses the gendered marketing out the window and gives us a kid who wants to fly through space and wear dresses?

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Sexist Ads Don’t Work, So Unilever Has *Gasp* Decided to Actually Stop Making Them

Unilever, which is the world’s second-biggest advertiser, did some research on the efficacy of their advertising strategies recently. They discovered that a huge majority of their advertisements contain negative stereotypes about women, and it turns out, that's not an effective tactic when it comes to marketing products towards women.

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Excluding Female Characters From Merchandise Doesn’t Just Impact Girls

Male dolls are marketed to girls, girls are given books with boy protagonists, and many family films with male leads are considered gender-neutral. Girls learn, from an early age, to empathize and identify with both men and women. But media with female leads and products featuring female characters get dismissed as “girl stuff”, and boys are discouraged—very actively, sometimes—from engaging with it, which ends up hurting everyone.

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LEGO’s The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon Wins ‘Boy Toy of the Year’ Award, Whatever That Means

But was Leia's kitchen included?

Last weekend was the annual New York Toy Fair, which was followed by the Toy of the Year Awards, in which LEGO took home some hardware: a "Boy Toy of the Year" award for their Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon. Pfffft.

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Things We Saw Today: Target Adds Gender-Neutral Decor for Kids

Last August, Target made their toy sections gender-neutral, and now that inclusiveness is spreading to the decor aisle as well!

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Hasbro Excludes Rey and Captain Phasma From Action Figure Set, History Repeats Itself

Time is a flat circle.

Looks like Hasbro is at it again. There's a set of six action figures from The Force Awakens being sold at Target, and you'll never guess who's missing. I'm mostly kidding, you already know who's missing: Rey and Captain Phasma.

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Party City Allegedly Bans Woman from Company Facebook Page for Criticizing Sexist Costumes

Halloween season tends to reveal a lot about the way society as a whole profits from and pigeonholes marginalized groups. In addition to the transphobia and racism of many costumes, the outfit options available for very young children--particularly the ones sold at chain stores--often reinforce sexist gender norms.

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Witness the Power of Gender-Neutral Toys In Awesome Star Wars Target Ad

The branding is strong with this one.

Target recently announced gender-neutral toy aisles, and now they're making me cry onto my keyboard with an ad celebrating Star Wars fans of all genders across generations.

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This May Be the Captain Phasma Action Figure We’re Looking For

Oh Captain, My Captain.

Force Awakens merch isn't slated to officially arrive on shelves until September 4th, but it seems Captain Phasma WAITS FOR NO MAN.

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I’m Concerned There Aren’t Enough Dudes In This Marvel Risk Game (Psyche)

Risk. *Tips Cowboy hat, squints at sun* It's a man's game.

The MCU now has its own Hasbro Risk game, which should be excellent news for nerds everywhere! Board games and Avengers together forever, what more could we possibly want? Well, any recognition of the MCU's female characters, for starters.

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Netflix Genders Its Titles For Sexist “Day Without Sports” Press Release

Are you still watching, little lady?

Are you a dame who loves Netflix but hates how the streaming service just has so many options? Wish some strapping young man was around to tell you which films won't give you the vapors? Then you're in luck, weirdo!

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DC Unveils New Interactive Look at Its Promising “Super Hero Girls” Line

Great Hera!

Last April DC revealed plans for a "DC Super Hero Girls" line aimed at girls ages 6-12, and now the brand's official website is finally live!

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We Are Not Impressed With Game Companies’ Apparel Options for Women

It all started when I was searching for another Mass Effect-related piece of merchandise to add to my ever-growing collection of all things Bioware. After typing the Bioware store’s website into my browser, I was greeted with categories for either men's or women's apparel—it didn’t occur to me until recently that there was more clothing for men than there was for women. That revelation might not be a surprise to some, but I was genuinely shocked.

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Warner Bros. Promises Tons of Stand-Alone Wonder Woman Merch for Upcoming Film Slate

Visible women, invisible jets.

Lack of merchandise for female superheroes like Black Widow has been the subject of much discussion recently following the release of Age of Ultron, and it seems Warner Bros. has been paying attention to the criticism of Marvel's disinterest in marketing to girls.

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UK Disney Store Scraps Gendered Toy Categories After 8-Year-Old Aspiring Darth Vader Complains

Now an 8-year-old, inspiring Darth Vader.

When you visit the US Disney store online, the menu bar has "girls" and "boys" product sections prominently displayed, but the UK version of the site has done away with these after a little girl told them how much she wanted to be Darth Vader. Yes, that warming sensation in your chest is, in fact, your heart.

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First Trailer for Batkid Documentary Batkid Begins Is Here, Just as Emotional as You’d Expect

The hero Gotham deserves.

New Line Cinema's documentary chronicling the heroics of cancer survivor Miles Scott and the support he received from the San Francisco community will be out on June 26th before expanding to a wider release in July. Ready your tissues and crime-fighting gear.

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Gendered Toy Categories Disappear From Sidebar, Giving Us Hope for the Future

More like this, please.

We give toy and clothing companies a lot of grief for making gender-biased product decisions, but they're not the only part of the consumer pipeline that plays a part in the problem. Retailers divide toys up between "boys' toys" and "girls' toys" rather thoroughly, but it looks like Amazon might be getting out of the tell-kids-how-to-play game.

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