Netflix Genders Its Titles For Sexist “Day Without Sports” Press Release

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Are you a dame who loves Netflix but hates how the streaming service just has so many options? Wish some strapping young man was around to tell you which films won’t give you the vapors? Then you’re in luck, weirdo! A press release written on behalf of Netflix and circulated yesterday afternoon recommends titles that won’t offend delicate feminine sensibilities.

Written by PR firm MSL Group, the release was sent out in preparation for July 15th, aka “The Day Without Sports,” the one day a year where the undead rise from their graves and interrupt sporting matches to feast on the flesh of the living no professional sports air on television. Here’s the press release’s suggestion for how actual, human men should conduct themselves during these dark times:

Men be warned, girlfriends and wives around the U.S. are going to take ‘no sports on TV’ as an invitation to gain some serious TV power—whether by recommending a favorite rom-com or multiple episodes from a favorite drama series. And, women be empowered! Sports will not be there to save him this time.

For the men, Netflix has put together a list of content that will help you and your girlfriend compromise on your entertainment.

The MANLY MAN titles that the release says may also be tolerable for the fairer sex include Friday Night Lights (“Another great way to get some football in while providing the drama she loves”), Silver Linings Playbook (“Satisfy her need for romance, and you’ll get the added opportunity to view Jennifer Lawrence the entire time”) and Rocky (“Use words like “uplifting” and “heartfelt” to convince her this is the movie for you guys to watch”).

The “for the women” copy reads,

Get him hooked on some of your favorite TV shows or get him to finally watch that romantic comedy you’ve been dying to share with him. Netflix has put together a list of some of the best content to share with your guy on the one day a year the TV is yours, no excuses.

“Lady” options suggested by Netflix for the release include Legally Blonde(s), Maid in Manhattan, Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, The Best of Me, and Friends. For more suggestions of cootie-free viewing, head over to Jezebel for the full list of titles.

The press release is so head-smackingly sexist that it’s hard to believe Netflix was fully aware of what their “The Day Without Sports” entanglement would entail (we’ve reached out to the company for comment but have yet to hear back). Regardless, this is just another in an unending string of small reminders that toxic, gendered stereotypes are more prevailing and widespread than we’d like to think.

(via Jezebel)

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