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I’m Concerned There Aren’t Enough Dudes In This Marvel Risk Game (Psyche)

Risk. *Tips Cowboy hat, squints at sun* It's a man's game.


The MCU now has its own Hasbro Risk game, which should be excellent news for nerds everywhere! Board games and Avengers together forever, what more could we possibly want? Um, any recognition of the MCU’s female characters, for starters.


Chris count: 2. Lady count: 0.

At this point, gendered advertising and frequent omission of Scarlet Witch and Black Widow is totally unsurprising, totally insulting, and borderline comical.

Men should be taught that it’s fine to play as a female character, and female comic fans deserve to have their buying power recognized. If I want to pretend to play as a ruthless female conqueror then I deserve to, dammit! (Risk is a weird game.)

Thank goodness for LEGO Avengers, I guess.

(via Comic Book Resources and a Facebook tipster)

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