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Meet Shannon Eastin, the NFL’s First Female Official


Today in things that we didn't know but which do not surprise us: No woman has ever officiated an NFL game. That's about to change. Shannon Eastin, a referee for the Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference, will fill that position. With sixteen years of officiating experience under her belt, we'd say she's ready. She'd say so, too.

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The Lingerie Football League Video Game Isn’t Just Degrading to Women

Well folks, I'm at a loss for words. I didn't think that it could get any worse than the LFL, the Lingerie Football League. I was proven wrong this morning when WWE developer, Yuke's announced a video game using the LFL license. We need to recognize this upcoming game for what it is: Degrading to female athletes and degrading to gamers.

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Things We Saw Today: DC’s Newly Gay Character Looks Like Someone We’ve Met Before

Things We Saw Today

As part of DC Comics' New 52, one character was rumored to be rebooted as an openly gay character, but who was it going to be? Well, on the heels of Marvel's gay wedding, we now know that it will be the Green Lantern himself, Alan Scott, exiting the closet, and making the DC universe more diverse and inclusive! But, something reminds us of another gay comic book character, something about the garb... Hmmm... (via The Beat, image via anonymous tip))

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George R.R. Martin Nervous About Game Of Thrones Season 2, Not A Fan Of Tebow?

You know nothing Jon Snow

A Song of Ice and Fire scribe, George R.R. Martin, has been pretty content with HBO's adaptation of Game of Thrones but that doesn't mean he doesn't still get nervous from time to time. There's one scene in particular coming up in Season 2 that's causing him concern. And have you ever stopped and wondered what the writer thinks of football? No? Well look no further, we've got Martin's thoughts on a famous NFL star right here.

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This is What 46,000 Female Turkish Soccer Fans Sound Like

and let it be known

The Turkish Football Federation has been having a lot of trouble lately with violence at matches, and the most successful strategy they've found so far to combat it is to ban adult men from the matches of any team that has been reprimanded for the unruliness of its fans. No really, according to the National Turk, women's attendance at soccer matches is generally very low, but over 45,000 women attended as the Fenerbahce and Manisaspor teams went head to head.

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Male Football Players Fake Injury Twice as Often as Female Ones

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

The International Federation of Association Football (that's FIFA, despite its appearance to English speakers) took a stand in 2008 against players faking injury injury simulation, and called for "the football family to unite in denouncing injury simulation and working to eradicate this scourge from the game." Well, we're sure they'll be hearing about Daryl Rosenbaum's study showing that women's leagues show half the rate of "injury simulation" than men's leagues do.

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Marching Band Creates “Animated” Football Player Stick Figure

The University of Hawaii's Rainbow Warrior Marching Band performs this neat routine where they form a football player stick figure, who then runs toward and kicks a football down the field. It's so well done, I expected the marching band to make the football player stick figure fall down as the ball soared across the field.

(YouTube Trends via Laughing Squid)

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Middle School Football Team Pulls Off Made-for-the-Movies Trick Play

Middle school football trick play - Driscoll Middle School This maneuver is being hailed as the the best trick play ever by a middle school quarterback in Texas. Maybe just walking into Mordor wasn't such a bad idea after all? >>>See the video at SportsGrid.

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First Cataclysm TV Spot Runs Today… During the Cowboys/Vikings Game?

Just as a heads up, a TV spot for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will run today some time during the Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings NFL game. A football game with World of Warcraft? you might ask. Or: World of Warcraft with a football game? These are both valid angles of inquiry. Allow us to explain:

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Football Player Gets His Hair Insured for $1 Million

Weird celebrity insurance policies, especially on notorious body parts, are the stuff of legend. Just observe this list – or this one, for that matter – for some of the craziest (and in some cases, quite possibly fakest) insurance policies ever taken out. Well, we have a new one to add to that list. Head & Shoulders, manufacturer of perhaps the best-known anti-dandruff shampoo out there (and, as seen here and here, prominently endorsed by Steelers star Troy Polamalu) decided to protect its investment in Polamalu by making another one – a $1 million insurance policy on his luxurious mane. >>>Read more at SportsGrid.

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