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Things We Saw Today: Samurai Darth Vader

The force is strong with this figure.


The world’s most famous father gets Samurai’d in this rad new figure that just debuted at the Tokyo Toy Show. Chigau, omae no chichi wa washi da! (via Nerd Approved)

  • Kit Harrington is not here for any of your Downtown Abbey feels – he “really disagrees” with the show on “lots of f***ing levels.” Kit… did you know you’re on a show that’s actually mostly about rape and murder? (via DigitalSpy)
  • There’s a new Adventure Time game! It’s going to be inspired by The Legend of Zelda! We need to play it immediately! It looks so good! (via Escapist Mag)


This Bat-Klimt (I had to) by Mari Kari is available in tee form, if you want to show your love for Gotham’s finest and fine art simultaneously. (via Neatorama)

  • Both Becky Chambers and I are huge Mass Effect fans, so when we saw this screenshot of Mass Effect 3 at 8k resolution, we almost started to cry with the sheer beauty of it. (via Kotaku)
  • Stay pumped for tonight’s Game of Thrones finale with this bass-quaking low-brass cover of the theme song. Seriously, if you weren’t excited before, you will be now. (via io9)

Sorry not sorry, Matt – Italy forever! (via his actual mom’s Twitter account)

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