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Paleontologist Elizabeth Freedman Fowler Discovers New Hadrosaur Species is a Dinosaur Missing Link

Making sense of dinosaur fossils is hard (I'm assuming. I don't have nearly the scientific prowess to ever set foot near dinosaur bones except to look at them and go "OOOH!"), but sometimes the stars align and scientists have a puzzle piece fall gloriously into place. That's what happened recently for paleontologist Elizabeth Freedman Fowler.

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Science Says Lizard Penises Evolve at an Astounding Rate, Are Essentially Pokémon

Highly-evolved genitalia is a good way to tell if someone's a lizard person. That, and if they unzip themselves out of their meat suit.

In a study published last week in the Journal of Zoology, scientists have confirmed for the first time that Caribbean lizard dongs rise to the evolutionary occasion faster than any other lizard body part.

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Make Your Friday Night Way Better With Bill Nye Explaining Evolution Using Emojis

*weird mask* *purple devil* *cat heart eyes* There, science.

Bill Nye was pretty cool when I was growing up, but he's got to stay relevant to Kids These Days, you know? What better way to inform us of the facts of evolution, then, than with emojis? Bill Nye is totally with it. We love you, Bill Nye.

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God Isn’t a Magician With a Wand, Says THE POPE: Suggests Evolution and Religion are Compatible

And on the seventh day, God said "OH SNAP"

If there is a heaven, I'd like to imagine Charles Darwin, John Thomas Scopes, and Georges Lemaître are all up there excitedly popping champagne with Jesus right now.

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Evolutionary Anthropologist: Misogyny Not An Inherent Human Trait, Online Harassers Are “Bitter Baboons”

Sorry, baboons. No offense.

In his Slate article "Misogyny is Not Human Nature," evolutionary anthropologist Eric Michael Johnson quotes a Reddit user's excuse for the recent nude picture leaks: "[there is] something inherent about human nature that makes this kind of thing inevitable.”

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Creationism Has Been Banned in All State-Funded Schools in the UK

So maybe don't teach the controversy.

Score one for science! New clauses added to the funding agreements for schools in the UK have banned creationism from being taught as fact in any schools that accept government funds -- even church schools.

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Climate Change Denial, Creationism, and Other Bad Science Don’t Deserve Equal Consideration in Science Journalism

There. We said it.

As part of The Mary Sue’s merge with Geekosystem, we’re going to be covering more science stories in the future. We thought it was worth mentioning up front that we won’t being giving equal weight to things like Creationism or climate change denial in our science coverage. Here’s why — they just don't deserve it.

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New Study Shows Human Faces Evolved for Punching

I thought that's what God made pillows for?

Your face? That wasn't made for smiling. Your hands? Not for holding! Research published today says our species has a more violent past than previously thought, to the extent that our ancestors' faces were made to be punched.

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Creation Museum Unveiling Dinosaur Fossil Evidence of Biblical Flood

That's "evidence" in air quotes. Obviously.

This Monday the Creation Museum in Kentucky will be revealing a fossil of Allosaurus fragilis that the institute claims is evidence of a Biblical flood. But c'mon, Ken Ham, how could Noah have forgotten to put dinosaurs on the ark? Dude packed mosquitoes. I think we should give him a little more credit.

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The Brain Scoop Is Here To Teach Us About The Biological Side Of Breastfeeding [Video]

A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Given that it's Mother's Day in the US, what could be more appropriate than a scientific discussion about breastfeeding? Granted, as the video notes, not all mothers breastfeed, and that's okay. But if you're interested in the biological history of human child-rearing, host Emily Graslie and her guest Dr. Robert Martin have got the intellectual nourishment you need.

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Creationists Upset Over Exclusion From Cosmos, Do They Have A Point?

Where was my Jesus riding a dinosaur? Where, I ask you?

It's probably inevitable that religious conservatives would eventually take offense at Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos. However, the most recent creationist complaint is just as surprising as it is contradictory.

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FOX Affiliate Cuts Evolution Reference in Cosmos

Thou shalt not silence Neil!

For a show as all-encompassing as Cosmos, it's surprising that the series' only reference to evolution so far lasted less than a minute. And if you live in Oklahoma City, Fox News affiliate KOKH-TV didn't even want you to see that.

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New Study Says Giant Ancient Sloths Were Aquatic

Just when you though it was safe to get back in the water.

Sometimes I resent evolution. A study published this week in the Proceedings of Royal Society B. claims that millions of years ago, sloths were six-feet long and spent most of their lives in the water. Thank you, survival of the fittest, for depriving me of a world full of underwater sloth rides and hypnotically slow games of beach volleyball.

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Missouri Nonsense Bill Would Require Schools to Alert Parents When Evolution Is Taught

Science class. Warning: may contain science.

Evolution is a theory supported by mountains of evidence that many religious people are just fine with, and most importantly, it's science, so no, there shouldn't be a parental notification requirement that it's being taught in science class. That should be assumed. That hasn't stopped a Missouri bill to alert parents to the teaching of science.

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Twitter Responds to Our Friend Bill Nye’s #CreationDebate With Creationist Ken Ham

Double points to Nye for keeping a straight face the whole time.

Last night Our Friend Bill Nye debated the issue of whether Creationism is a viable model for teaching the origins of the Universe against creationist Ken Ham. (No. No it is not. Stop saying that it is because it is not.) Obviously, Twitter had some thoughts on the debate. Here are some of our favorite comments.

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Cats Actually Evolved To Be Indifferent To The People Who Love Them

Every cat is Grumpy Cat by nature.

If you know anything about cats, you know they don't care about you or anyone you know. Don't be offended, though; it's not Mister Jinxy's fault that he's kind of a jerk to his owners. Turns out, evolution has designed cats to be completely indifferent to their caregivers. Grumpy Cat is just Cat's final evolutionary form.

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Ancient Humans Bred With A Different Species That We Know Nothing About

Don't say it was aliens, don't say it was aliens...

According to new findings that were presented at a meeting of the Royal Society in London last week, ancient Humans and Neanderthals weren't the only two humanoid species walking around and breeding with each other at the same time. Updated genome sequencing suggests that there was a third species -- and we don't know anything about it.

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When You Deny Evolution, You Aren’t Nearly as Cute as This Dog Denying Evolution

You're also wrong, just like the dog.

According to this video, 46% of Americans don't believe in evolution, and as it turns out, neither do 100% of dogs. At least YouTube user Steve Gerben's dog Jiggs doesn't, and he'll tell you why in this video. The dog is also wearing a tie, which doesn't help its credibility, but does make it look adorable.

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PBS Digital Studios Releases First Episode of Latest Series The Advanced Apes

And what's more scientific than studying apes?

Are you a big fan of Darwinian theories of evolution? Then you'll probably really enjoy The Advanced Apes, the newest video web series produced by PBS Digital Studios. Their first episode tackles the subject of human evolution with adorably animated images and cool scientific facts.

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Stop Whining, Nice Guys: You’ll Do Better in the Long Run

Also, maybe we should all start using game theory to make decisions?

The field of game theory, and specifically an experiment known as the prisoner's dilemma, has been used in the past to show that being selfish is a surefire way to do the best in the long run. But a new study suggests that might not be the case, showing in computer simulations that cooperation is actually the best overall evolutionary tactic.

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