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Wake Up With a 5-Hour PCP [Video]

Have trouble getting up in the morning? Try a 5-Hour PCP. "It'll get you through the day, you just won't remember how!" And if that doesn't cut it, go for the gallon.

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The Incredible Hulk Caught Selling Cocaine in Order to Get the Cocaine Away From Him

Scott Andersen was caught selling cocaine in Coventry, England. The reason why this isn't a normal drugdealer story is because Andersen was painted green, posing as the Incredible Hulk. What's weirder, when caught attempting to deal the drugs, Andersen claimed to be selling the drugs because, ever the shrewd shopper, he didn't want them anymore and was trying to get his money back on his initial purchase of said drugs. As one wouldn't be surprised to find out, Andersen was also drunk, and when arrested, was found to have marijuana on his person as well, which one can only assume he had because it's green just like he was! Because he's the Incredible Hulk, you know?

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Scientists Develop Straw That Can Detect Date Rape Drugs

Researchers at Tel Aviv University's school of chemistry have developed a sensor that can detect if your drink has been spiked by the most common date rape drugs. The sensor can be used as a straw or a stirrer that will light up to indicate if someone has slipped something into your drink.

The sensor absorbs a drop of the beverage, and brings it into contact with a chemical formula created by lead researchers Fernando Patolsky and Michael Ioffe. So far, the exact make up of the chemical formula hasn't been released. But, the researchers say it is extremely effective at detecting the drugs. Ioffe told the AFP:
"The drug itself is reacting with this chemical formulation and the previously clear formula becomes dirty and when the light shines it you can detect it. You don't have to do anything but dip it in your drink."

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Police Discover Drug Catapult at Mexican Border

There are a lot of things you expect to see in law enforcement, and probably least among them is a nine-foot tall catapult being used to launch drugs across the border from Mexico. Towed into place on a flatbed, the catapult hurled 4.4lbs of marijuana at at time, 60 feet away from the U.S. border. To say that U.S. forces were surprised seeing a "medieval catapult" would be accurate. When speaking with Reuters, Tucson sector Border Patrol spokesman David Jimarez said:

"I have not seen anything like that in my time before as a Border Patrol agent ... although we are trained to handle any kind of a threat that comes over that border," Jimarez added.
Points for creativity, drug smugglers. The creators of this particular device were not apprehended, so I can't wait to see what they come up with next week. (Fox News via Slashdot)

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People Get High on Bath Salts Now

Drugs are expensive. This is understandable. But I guess that when you really have to snort something, you really have to snort something. And now, people looking for a quick high -- or, apparently, any kind of high as long as it's a high -- under their mom's bathroom sink. Oh, yes. People are turning to bath salts. Calgon, take me away!

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Oblivion Drug Parody Highlights Awkwardness of RPG Dialogue System

Don't do drugs. Seriously. They are bad for you. But you know what's good for you? Laughter. That's why we do recommend that you watch the video below. It probably won't be as funny unless you've played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but you can fill in the gaps in your background knowledge sufficiently, I imagine. Because you're a Journeyman of filling in the gaps in your background information. Without spoiling it: A dialogue system in which one's only options are  "admire," "joke," "coerce," and "boast" is going to lead to some weird, awkward conversations.

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