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If You Want a ‘Paw Patrol’ Tonie Bundle, You’ll Have to Get Creative

Tonies! What’s not to like? They play music! They tell stories! They replace parents! Best of all, they feature your kid’s favorite cartoon characters. But what’s the deal with Paw Patrol tonies?

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First off, a quick recap on what the deal is with Paw Patrol itself. Paw Patrol follows the adventures of six talking puppies, led by a human child named Ryder. In the city of Adventure Bay, the Paw Patrol team acts as emergency responders, performing search and rescue missions and other public services.

Each dog on the team has their own specialty. Chase is a German shepherd and police dog. Marshall is a Dalmatian firefighter. Rubble, an English bulldog, does construction. Skye, a cockapoo, provides air support. Rocky is a mixed breed dog who does recycling, and Zuma is a Labrador retriever who does aquatic missions.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the structure of Paw Patrol, with its six distinctive characters and their rescue vehicles, lends itself to various toys, action figures, plushies, and more. Combining Paw Patrol with Tonies is a no-brainer.

But wait a minute—what exactly is a Tonie? Tonies are soft and child-friendly speakers that play music and stories. The Tonie itself is just a box, but when you place a figurine on top, the Tonie interfaces with it to play songs and stories related to that character. It works the same way as the Nintendo Switch when it interfaces with the character figurines known as Amiibos.

In other words, when you stick a Tonie brand Paw Patrol figurine on top of your Tonie, it’ll play Paw Patrol stuff for your kid.

Tonie sells its products in a couple of different forms: a la carte, and bundles. A bundle comes with all the stuff you need to play a story or song on your Tonie: the Tonie itself, plus a few figurines.

Here’s the bad news: if you want a premade Paw Patrol Tonie bundle, you’re out of luck. However, Tonie does sell Paw Patrol figurines a la carte, and with the company’s bundling feature, you can build your own bundle by selecting Paw Patrol figurines individually.

Happy Tonie-ing! Toning? Tonying? Eh, you get the idea.

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