Ciapunio the cabbage-stealing dog and his owner being interviewed on the Polish series 'Sprawa dla reportera'.

Justice for This Adorable Polish Cabbage Thief

My cabbages!!!!!

A dog in Poland has been accused of eating 100 cabbages from a neighboring farm, but the Internet has shown up in droves advocating for his innocence. The dog, named Ciapunio, belongs to a farming family in the southeastern village of Janiszów, according to the popular Polish news program Sprawa dla Reportera, which broke the story.

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There is little evidence to support the allegations against Ciapunio, but his accusers have a strong bias against the dog’s family. The neighboring farm families have a longstanding conflict stemming from seemingly tit-for-tat offenses. For example, one neighbor has previously accused the other of shooting his duck, resulting in a call to the police.

The victims of the cabbage ransacking have requested a formal investigation by local police, even going so far as to ask that Ciapunio’s pawprints be taken and compared to those found at the crime scene. Other than confirming that this type of forensic investigation is indeed possible, the police have not yet commented on the situation.

The accused party has garnered significant support online from strangers across the Internet. One prominent Polish lawyer even posted on his personal Instagram, coining the hashtag “#muremzaciapuniem” (which translates to #SolidarityWithCiapunio). In addition, Ciapunio’s supporters have pointed out his limited capacity to consume so much produce, considering his diminutive size.

Those advocating against Ciapunio’s exoneration have called him a “criminal,” and that “the police are already on his tail.” Unfortunately for them, cabbage is high in vitamins, magnesium, and beta-carotene, and can help fight the effects of aging. Assuming he is guilty, Ciapunio’s criminal act has only made him stronger. Justice for Ciapunio, whose only crime is being a very good boy.

(featured image: screenshot/Sprawa dla Reportera)

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