Characters from 'Paw Patrol'

Here Are All the Dog Breeds in ‘Paw Patrol’

Why do kids love Paw Patrol so much? Well, the show stars dogs. The show also includes a bunch of giant vehicles. Kids love dogs and giant vehicles, so a show that combines dogs and giant vehicles is sure to be a success. Plus, kids can learn about different dog breeds!

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If your kid is asking you what breed of dog each Paw Patrol member is—or if you’re just curious! That’s fine, too!—then here’s a list of all six main Paw Patrol members, plus some supporting characters.

The six main Paw Patrol pups

Paw Patrol follows the adventures of six puppies, led by a human kid named Ryder, who conduct search and rescue missions in the city of Adventure Bay. Each dog has a different specialty, and their breed reflects that, when possible.

Chase, Paw Patrol’s police dog, is a German shepherd. German shepherds are work dogs who are commonly found in police K-9 units, so this makes sense.

Marshall, the firefighter dog, is a Dalmatian. Dalmations are the quintessential firefighter dogs. ‘Nuff said.

Zuma, the team’s aquatic rescue dog, is a Labrador retriever. Here, the dog lore starts getting a bit obscure, but labs were originally bred as swimming dogs! The minds behind Paw Patrol did their research.

Skye, the team’s air support, is a cockapoo (a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle). Since dogs don’t generally fly, Skye’s breed seems to be mainly aesthetic.

Rubble, who does construction, is an English bulldog. He drives a bulldozer, so the show’s creators may have just chosen a breed with “bull” in the name. I mean, bulldogs are kind of shaped like construction vehicles (in a good way!).

Rocky, the team’s recycling dog (keep in mind these dogs are providing basically all the city’s essential services) is a mixed breed. Sort of like … how a bunch of different paper gets mixed into a recycled sheet? That sounds logical. Let’s go with that.

Supporting Paw Patrol characters

Along with the main six, Paw Patrol also introduces some supporting characters. Liberty, who drives a motorcycle, is a dachshund, while the wilderness rescue dog Tracker is a Chihuahua. Finally, Everest, who does snow rescues, is a Siberian husky.

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