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Why Does Cyborg Have to Be in Doom Patrol and Not Titans?

Doom Patrol casts its Cyborg, which means that we, sadly, will miss out on seeing a live action version of Cyborg as a member of the Titans.

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Justice League Underperformed at the Box Office. So What Comes Next?

Despite making 95 million at the box office, this was a disappointing weekend number for Warner Bros. with estimates earlier projecting the film to make in the $110 million range this weekend. The movie's budget is said to be around 300 million. Next stop: Aquaman.

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Review: Justice League Is a Messy Ride Saved Only by an Electric Cast of Characters—Except Batman

2.5 out of 5 Stars.

Justice League was poorly written and had mediocre CGI, but was a lot of fun.

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What Do You Think of This New Justice League Poster?

A new Justice League poster is born and I have Many Thoughts.

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Justice League Variant Covers Show Us Wonder Woman and The Flash in Action, but Did They Have to Draw Diana Like That?

In November, DC Comics will begin publishing cinematic variant covers attached to existing titles, in the hopes that fans will want to collect 'em all. Now they've released two featuring battle-ready Diana Prince and Barry Allen. We have some compliments and some concerns.

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Things We Saw Today: Appreciate the Star Trek Beyond Cast in This Dubsmash Compilation

The Star Trek Beyond cast have made some amazing dubsmashes these last few months, and this compilation is nothing but pure joy.

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Things We Saw Today: Warner Bros. Releases Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern Movie Logos

In addition to the huge drop of both the Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman trailers, Warner Bros. also shared the movie logos for each of the Justice League members.

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Looks Like DC Comics Just Confirmed a Shared Universe For Warner Bros’ Superhero Films

Were you hoping you'd see The Rock punch Henry Cavill in the face? You just might get your chance.

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The Guy Playing Cyborg Didn’t Even Know He Was Getting His Own Movie When He Signed On

Congratulations with a side dose of "I'll be praying for you."

"Well. I really hope I like working with Warner Bros., then."

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17 San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives To Consider Spending Your Hard-Earned Money On

No, I can't bring them all home for you.


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Is This Warner Bros.’ New Slate Of Superhero Films?


Some new rumors claim Warner Bros. is working mighty hard the next few years. How many films do you think will come before Wonder Woman's solo outing?

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MIT Won’t Wait for Sinister Six, Invented Their Own Doctor Octopus Arms

Neat! Do Mysterio next!

Supernumerary Robotic Limbs (SRLs) are robot limbs that give the wearer extra appendages instead of augmenting their existing ones. They can be used for important things like holding an object that a person needs two hands to interact with, opening doors when you're holding something in both hands, or making you Doc Ock—whatever you're into.

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Cyborg to Reportedly Join Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Sequel

Great Hera!

Though they have not yet commented officially on the matter, Warner Bros. looks to have raised the stakes for the movie that will eventually be formerly known as Batman vs. Superman by adding Vic Stone or Cyborg, founding member of the original Teen Titans and the New 52 Justice League.

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The French Just Successfully Implanted A Long-Term Artificial Human Heart

There's a joke about smoking and French cuisine in here somewhere.

We are one step closer to fulfilling everyone's greatest dream/fear: becoming a terrifying race of immortal cyborgs! French biomedical firm Carmat has successfully implanted its prototype artificial human heart, and the patient is alive and kicking.

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British Dad Shows Off Even More Prosthetic Arm Shenanigans [Video]

In November 2012, we were introduced to Nigel Ackland, who lost part of his arm in a work accident some years ago. His replacement prosthetic was upgraded to a BeBionic3 -- a bionic hand, if you will. Now he's back with some new tricks, in which he demonstrates the use his sensor-based bionic hand to tie shoes, deal cards, make coffee, and other...more alarming things.

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Stupid Cyborg Tricks: British Dad Shows Off His Awesome Prosthetic Arm

Nigel Ackland lost his arm in an accident about six years ago, and recently received an upgrade to his prosthetics: the newly released BeBionic3. Though it starts off a little on the technical side, this three minute video demonstrates that the BeBionic3 is a pretty impressive piece of cybernetics. With it, Ackland can type, hold a mouse, and even do a "bring it on" style taunt -- which, granted, does make him look a little like a character in a fighting game.

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