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Facebook Removes ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoji in Response to User Petition

TMS commenters' "feeling phat" suggestion is still not an option, but I'll keep you posted.

In an apparent response to a user petition asking Facebook to remove the 'feeling fat' emoji and acknowledge that 'fat is not a feeling,' the company announced yesterday that it would be removing the controversial option from the site.

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Facebook Users Petition for Removal of ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoji

Despite recently implementing new measures designed to protect the wellbeing of its members, Facebook is reportedly unsure whether it should remove an emoji that many users say promotes fat-shaming and body-negativity.

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[UPDATED] HarperCollins Refuses To Publish Book Until Author Condemns Her Daughter’s Sexuality

Incoherent rage-screaming.

HarperCollins might profit off LGBTQ titles in its catalog, but don't take that as an indication of commitment to equality.

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Petition To Bring a Super Dead The Walking Dead Character Back Now Has 30,000 Signatures

Say what now?

Uhhhh, do you not know how this show works? Spoilers if you're not caught up, of course. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Over 50,000 People Want Target Australia To Stop Selling the Bible, Which They Don’t Actually Sell

Jesus wept.

Oh well, let he who is without sin sign the first petition, am I right?

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Australian Gamers Challenge Target’s GTAV Removal By Launching Ridiculous Counter-Protests


Remember a few days ago when Target Australia announced it would no longer be stocking Grand Theft Auto V on its shelves? Now there are several new petitions, presumably from people who are angry with the original decision, advocating that Target get rid of other things, too—like its name and logo, for example, which "encourage people to aim at and shoot things." Can't make this stuff up, folks.

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Sex Workers Petition to Pull GTAV From Shelves, Target Australia Agrees

At the behest of a petition that condemns the 2013 game Grand Theft Auto V for promoting violence against women, Target Australia has announced that they will be pulling all copies of the game from their shelves.

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Fan Petition to Memorialize Robin Williams With World of Warcraft NPC Succeeds

*Standing on desk.*

We've all been dealing with the passing of Robin Williams in our own way, and for World of Warcraft players, that way was to create a petition to have him honored in the video game he loved. Only a short while later, they've already gotten an answer.

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Fans Petition for Weird Al Super Bowl Halftime Show, We Might Watch the Super Bowl

Or part of it, at least.

Nerds, it's time. We have a chance to commandeer a mainstream cultural event and turn it into our own amazing nerdapalooza starring none other than Weird Al Yankovic. We've already mostly taken over movies, TV, and books—it's time to do something about sports by signing a petition for a Weird Al halftime show.

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Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Responds to Petition Asking That “Holistic Approaches to Healing” Be Taken Seriously

You mean people don't have to do whatever a petition tells them to do?

People in the "holistic healing" community don't like how they're being written about on Wikipedia, so they started a petition asking that Wikipedia put policies in place for their nonsense to be taken just as seriously as actual science. Jimmy Wales responded and forever won our respect.

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There’s a Petition to Name a Newly Discovered Planet “Gallifrey,” That’s the World We Live In the world's platform for lists of names of people who want silly things.

A place where people can get together and ask for the important changes they want to see in the world sounds great. Then the Internet gets involved, and it becomes a place where people's "important changes" are Death Stars and TARDIS colored Empire State buildings. Now they're asking for a real planet to be called Gallifrey.

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Thankfully, this petition is as meaningless as any other petition on is a website where anyone can start a petition to ask anyone for anything. It's non-binding, but gives people a voice to express their desire for something. Some people, like Adrian Alonso, are sick of hearing that voice. That's why he's petitioning to end itself.

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Petition Demands Microsoft Reinstate Restrictive Xbox One Policies

The people have spoken. Now can they be quiet again?

Do you remember the olden days, when the Xbox One was going to restrict used game sales and require online check-ins? Are you annoyed that now that Microsoft conceded and went back on those policies, you have nothing to complain about on the Internet? Or did you just get used to the idea that Microsoft's picture of the future was a boot stamping on a human face every 24 hours? Never fear, someone on the Internet wants to return to the bold future of a few weeks ago. Over 2000 people have already signed a petition to Microsoft asking the company to return to its original, consumer-unfriendly plan.

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Three Teenagers Petition for a Female Moderator of Presidential Debate

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A woman hasn't run a presidential debate in twenty years. When three high school girls from New Jersey heard about this in their civics class, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Emma Axelrod, Sammi Siegel and Elena Tsemberis have spent their summer collecting 170,000 signatures on a petition to have one of this year's presidential debates moderated by a woman. But will Capitol Hill listen to them? 

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Homeless (?) Man and Two Kermits Sing Under Pressure (Update: He Isn’t Homeless.)

We're not entirely sure what to think about this video.  For one thing, it looks really well produced, so it might be staged.  But if so, it's been staged for a good cause.  And that doesn't mean that the guy isn't actually homeless.  But it doesn't mean that he is. Do you see our problem? The only thing we can conclude is that the guy is a damn good puppeteer.  Just wait for the moment in the video when you realize that you haven't looked away from the Kermit faces to his in like forever. Update: The man in the video has clarified that he is not actually homeless. (h/t Urlesque)

As I said this is a performance. I don't want there to be any doubts about my situation. I am a performer. I have a roof over my head and I have yet to start my own family. But this video isn't about me. This is for the men, women and children on our streets who don't have bright green puppets on their hands. The people who aren't always as easy to see. This is for you.

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