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Things We Saw Today: The Glass Ceiling, A (Fake) Board Game for Girls

The commercial for a fake board game, made by Comedy Central, is a bit simplistic but it makes the point that it set out to do. That Privilege board game mentioned at the end sounds a lot easier.

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It’s Eerie How Well Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” Speech Works in GTA 5

Duggy, a Grand Theft Auto 5 YouTube video creator, has found a way to perfectly portray Carl Sagan's mystifying, stargazingly humbling Pale Blue Dot speech in GTA 5.

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5 Ways the Universe Helped My Anxiety

AKA we are but specks of dust … what a relief.

So … I’m an anxious person. Like, super anxious. So anxious that it took me 10 minutes to start this article, because I wanted to do it “the right way.”

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Experts Say We Need to Broadcast a More Feminist, Inclusive Message to Aliens

Feminism! In! Spaaaaace!

When the Pioneer 10 spacecraft was launched in 1972, it was emblazoned with a plaque designed by Frank Drake, Carl Sagan, and Linda Salzman-Sagan to convey its origins and the nature of its creators to any potential life forms that might come across the ship.

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Inspirational Short Film Star Stuff, About a Young Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan had a certain way with words, and this video captures that incredibly well.

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Carl Sagan Gets His Own Biopic From a Team of Awesome Female Producers

Star stuff!

Although the project is still in the very early stages, Tracking Board reports that Carl Sagan's widow, Ann Druyan, is producing a film about the astronomer and Cosmos star's life.

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All Of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos “Millions, Billions, & Trillions” In A Supercut Are Ludicrous In Their Epicness

We are small.

In case you needed to feel the awesomeness of the universe this first weekend of 2015, here is a supercut of every time Carl Sagan said an "illion" in Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.

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Astronomer Jill Tarter Talks About Inspiring Contact in This Episode of The Secret Lives of Scientists

Let's get Jodie Foster to make a biopic about Jill Tarter!

Astronomer Jill Tarter is the Bernard M. Oliver Chair for SETI Research at the SETI Institute in California. She spends her days searching for intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. In this episode of NOVA's The Secret Lives of Scientists, she talks about how she inspired the main character in Carl Sagan's Contact.

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Today We Learned Our Friend Bill Nye Took Astronomy Classes From Carl Sagan [VIDEO]

Did the classroom implode into a black hole of awesomeness?

Our friend Bill Nye is being profiled by the new PBS/NOVA series The Secret Lives of Scientists. Previously, he's shared his origin story and spoken about his penchant for bowties. In this clip, Bill chats about how deeply he's been influenced by Carl Sagan (you know, the host of the original Cosmos), and how Bill hopes to continue Sagan's legacy.

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Earth’s Mightiest Broadcasters Team Up for This PBS: The Movie Avengers Parody [Video]

We've shown you some of the videos by Gritty Reboots before, but PBS: TheMovie stands out for a few reasons. The first being that we love us some PBS, but it also stands out because we can't imagine something we'd want to watch more than a movie where Fred Rogers, Carl Sagan, Bob Ross, and Bill Nye team up to kick some ass.

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Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Learn: The PBS Avengers

Consider the Following

This might be the best internet video I've seen all week. The only way to make it better would be to add Shari Lewis and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. (Look, he hosted four seasons of Nova Science Now, and that's enough of a technicality to get some diversity up in this lineup.) (via Topless Robot.)

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Things We Saw Today: The New Robin Really Likes Birds

Things We Saw Today

And officially my new favorite. Sorry, Tim Drake. (via Literate Knits

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Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan! We Are Sorry You (Inexplicably) Didn’t Get A Google Doodle

Today is Carl Sagan's birthday, which, if there were any justice in the world, would be celebrated in the fashion we've become accustomed to for nerds of note -- with a Google Doodle commemorating the day that one of the world's best and brightest science celebrities was expelled from the womb. As there is clearly no justice in the world, though, Sagan's birthday was overlooked by Google's legions of doodlers, who were no doubt exhausted by celebrating Bram Stoker's big 165 yesterday. I don't think we need to tell you why this is clearly unacceptable.

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See What Superman Would Look Like As Other Pop-Culture Characters

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Artist Mike Mitchell, who goes by Sir Mitchell, took it upon himself to play around with Kal-El's iconic image from the cover of Superman #6 from 1940. Thanks to his "fun little side-project" we get to see what the Man of Steel would look like as pop-culture characters like Harry Potter, The Tin Man, Charlie Brown, and more (plus one bonus astronomer). We think they're pretty great. Take a look for yourself. (via Mike Mitchell on Tumblr)

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Seth MacFarlane Donates Carl Sagan’s Personal Papers To The Library Of Congress

It Belongs in a Museum!

While the hit animated series Family Guy has featured Carl Sagan jokes before, it wasn't entirely clear how big of a fan creator Seth MacFarlane is of the influential astrophysicist until he threw up an undisclosed (but, let's be honest, probably huge) sum of money to buy and donate Sagan's personal papers to the Library of Congress.

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Mike Mitchell Draws Cute Pop Culture [Snapeboarding]


Yes, that's April O'Neill drinking a soda. (Okay and maybe something else? Hey, it can't be easy eating pizza in a sewer most nights.)

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MissCoffee Rendered Geek Luminaries in Plushie Form

this exists

I'm pretty sure we've posted this adorable Indy before, but that was before we knew about the rest of MissCoffee (on DeviantArt), aka Michelle Coffee's (on Etsy) work in the world of felt and stuffing creations.

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Research Shows Stars Create Organic Matter of Unexpected Complexity

For years, scientists have been trying to solve the mystery of "Unidentified Infrared Emission features," a set of emissions from interstellar space that, up until now, has been relatively unexplained. The thought was that they must be produced by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, simple organic particles made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Now, research shows that is not the case, the emissions are actually being given off by much more complex organic matter that is being created by the stars. Prof. Sun Kwok and Dr. Yong Zhang of The University of Hong Kong have made the groundbreaking discovery that much of the previously unexplained organic matter that floats between the stars is startlingly more complex than previously thought. Some of the structures are actually so complex that they resemble coal and petroleum, the kinds of organic matter we have previously only associated with, well, organisms. It kind of turns the idea of "organic matter" on its head.

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That Time a Teenage Neil deGrasse-Tyson Met His Idol, Carl Sagan [Video]

Who He Is and How He Came to Be

Back when Neil deGrasse-Tyson was a high school student aspiring to follow a career studying the universe, he had the chance to meet Carl Sagan -- Carl Sagan -- who offered to meet him at Cornell University to show him around his lab. And a place to sleep if he ended up snowed in. It's official, then: Carl Sagan was one of the best people in the world. (via Boing Boing)

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Cosmos Reboot Series Being Produced by Seth MacFarlane, Lover of Space

To infinity and beyond!

Carl Sagan's space exploration series Cosmos is going to be rebooted. We are not necessarily against this because there is always more we can learn about space. Also, it's going to be hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and that is something we'll always support. But what about the news that the new Cosmos is going to be executive produced by Seth MacFarlane? The one and only Seth MacFarlane, who makes animated comedy shows, taking on an iconic series about the majesty of space? We're listening.

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