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Earth’s Mightiest Broadcasters Team Up for This PBS: The Movie Avengers Parody [Video]


We’ve shown you some of the videos by Gritty Reboots before, but PBS: TheMovie stands out for a few reasons. The first being that we love us some PBS, but it also stands out because we can’t imagine something we’d want to watch more than a movie where Fred Rogers, Carl Sagan, Bob Ross, and Bill Nye team up to kick some ass.

Ignore the fact that none of the actors look like the characters they’re playing, and the only one doing an even remotely passable impression is Steven Hudson who plays Carl Sagan. The strength of this video is in the fact that a movie with Rogers, Sagan, Ross, and Nye doing anything together would be tremendous.

The biggest flaw in PBS: The Movie is that they had a perfect chance to do a Cookie Monster as the Hulk joke, but didn’t take it. There’s also a surprisingly sad moment where the villain says, “I thought they were dead!” Sadly, three of them are.

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