LOST Recap, Season 6, Episode 10: “The Package”

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What follows is a recap of LOST Season 6, Episode 10: “The Package.” Lots of spoilers ensue.

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LOST was back in full swing last night, with the tenth episode of the final season.  “The Package” centered on Sun and Jin in off-island action, and caught viewers up with scenes from almost every island Lostie.

Let’s start with last night’s flash-sideways:

Well, suspicions were confirmed early on in the episode: Sun and Jin are not married in the flash-sideways world. They’re not married, but they are in a secret relationship. They spend their first night in the U.S. in a hotel room together (on the 8th floor) and when they wake up in the morning, Sun attempts to talk Jin into running away with her. She reveals that she has a secret banking account, and just when she’s about to divulge another big secret, Martin Keamy knocks on Sun’s door. She delivers the watch to him, but he wants the $25,000 (which was confiscated at the airport). Because Keamy can’t understand Korean and Sun and Jin don’t speak English, Keamy finds an associate who does speak Korean. Of course, it’s someone we know: Mikhail Bakunin (otherwise known as Patchy, to loyal viewers). Mikhail, you may remember, was a member of the Others who worked in The Flame station on the island before he was killed (he died while killing one of LOST’s most beloved characters, Charlie, who he blew up with a grenade).

Sun offers to pay Keamy out of her bank account, and Keamy takes Jin hostage in a restaurant refrigerator. Sun’s father has closed her account, but luckily for Jin, Sayid kills Keamy’s associates, wounds Keamy, and helps Jin free himself. When Mikhail returns with Sun, Jin, in true Christmas Story fashion, shoots Mikhail’s eye out. Unfortunately, Sun is hit by a stray bullet, and while Jin is taking her to the hospital, she reveals that she is pregnant.

It seems one of LOST’s favorite couples just can’t get a break on- island, or off-island.

On the island, Widmore’s team captures Jin and takes him to the Hydra Island. They stick him in Room 23, another piece of the LOST puzzle. Room 23 first appeared Season 3, Episode 7 (“Not in Portland”). It’s a strange mind-control, subliminal message experiment. Zoe (Charles Widmore’s own Tina Fey look-alike) asks Jin for information on electromagnetic pockets on the island, but before Jin will answer any questions, he demands to speak to Widmore. Widmore shows Jin pictures of Ji-Yeon, his daughter, for the first time. He tells Jin that in order to protect Ji-Yeon and Sun, they have to stop Flocke.

Sun’s still on the beach with Illana, Ben, Miles, Lapidus, and Jack. Illana is insisting on waiting for Richard, which upsets Sun. She returns to the garden which she began in Season 1, where Flocke finds her. Flocke tells her that he can lead her to Jin, but Sun refuses, fleeing in the jungle to get away from Flocke. She knocks herself out on a giant branch (did anyone else yell “OW!” outloud?) and when she wakes up, she can’t speak English — aphasia.

Richard does return to the beach with Hurley, and he insists that they travel to the Hydra Island to destroy the Aijira plane. This makes Sun angry, again, and she tells Richard that she refuses to go destroy the plane. Since Sun’s a candidate, Illana must stay and protect her. By the end of the episode Jack convinces Sun to go with them all to Hydra. Jin is on Hydra right now, so let’s hope we’re a few steps closer to seeing them together again.

Kate and Sawyer are fine, still hanging out with Flocke’s camp. Claire is worried about Aaron not knowing her and only knowing Kate. Flocke alludes to Claire that disposing of Kate isn’t out of the picture. Sayid can’t feel and he still has that creepy blank look in his eye.

Now for the most thrilling part of the episode: The title, “The Package,” was referring to what Widmore was hiding in his double-locked room on the submarine. We learned, at the end of the episode, that the package is DESMOND HUME! The island isn’t done with him yet! It appears that next week’s episode may center on Desmond, which is much needed after this long Scottish-free hiatus.

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