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‘Warhammer 40k’ Trolls Are Projecting Their Bigotry on Henry Cavill

One of Henry Cavill’s biggest upcoming projects is an undisclosed role in Amazon’s Warhammer 40k TV show adaptation. However, rumor has it that the actor may have left the production.

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Shortly after announcing his departure from The Witcher and the DCU, Cavill revealed that he already had a separate major project lined up. He announced on Instagram in December of 2022 that he was going to bring Warhammer to life. In addition to starring in Amazon’s Warhammer 40k series, Cavill also signed on as executive producer and suggested he may be further involved in the franchise, given his hopes to create a full Warhammer Cinematic Universe. He described bringing Warhammer to the screen as a dream he had held for 30 years.

Since the initial announcement, updates have been fairly few and far between. The project is still believed to be in pre-production, and it’s still unclear who else is involved. However, in January, Cavill confirmed that the project was still in development and expressed the same enthusiasm for it as when he first made the announcement. Given that Cavill is a gamer and was a fan of Warhammer before signing on to the project, viewers were hopeful he’d help the franchise do justice to the source material. Hence, many were confused when claims arose that Cavill was departing the franchise.

Why are people saying Henry Cavill left Warhammer?

There is no official confirmation that Cavill has left Warhammer 40k. Considering that he made announcements when leaving the role of Superman and Geralt of Rivia, it seems unlikely that he would abruptly leave a franchise he knows is so important to fans without announcing it. It’s unclear how the rumors even arose, but one Redditor had an idea of where they came from and why.

Recently, Warhammer 40k has been the subject of debate due to the “anti-woke” mob. The game has long featured Adeptus Custodes, which are essentially a group of warriors who serve the Emperor. Traditionally, the Custodes have been male, as the Emperor demanded noble houses give up their firstborn sons to become Custodes. However, a new Warhammer codex confirmed that Custodes can, indeed, be female. Soon, the official Warhammer X account stated that female Custodes have always been around.

Of course, like clockwork, all the trolls started crying that there can’t be female Custodes and that white, straight men are being erased from video games. However, it seems they started to realize that no one cared about their tantrums, so according to Redditors, they began claiming that Cavill left Warhammer 40k over the female Custodes. The rumors of his departure appear to be nothing more than rage-baiting. It’s just trolls making stuff up to try to prove that going “woke” (a.k.a. being inclusive and reflecting the real world) hurts franchises, even though studies have found the opposite is actually true.

Ultimately, there’s no evidence that Cavill is leaving the Warhammer franchise or is bothered whatsoever by the existence of female Custodes.

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