Fear, Anger. Sadness, Joy and Disgust in Inside Out 2
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Ironically, This ‘Inside Out 2’ Anger Popcorn Bucket Sparks Joy in Me

You can get popcorn buckets for just about anything these days. Barbie had a pink convertible, Dune had a sandworm (sure, a sandworm…), Deadpool & Wolverine‘s should come with an R-rating, and so on. Popcorn buckets are everywhere. You can’t go to the movies without falling over one. Doesn’t that make you … ANGRY?

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Just kidding! Popcorn buckets shouldn’t make you angry. But you can now get an Anger popcorn bucket to celebrate the release of Inside Out 2! It’s available at Regal Cinemas for $23.95. The flames around Anger’s head light up orange, so be careful not to switch the light on in the movie theater, or people really will be angry at you.

They’ll be mad because they won’t want to miss a moment of the movie, which is smashing box office records right now. Inside Out 2 continues the story of Riley and the emotions that live inside her head. Riley has hit puberty and become a teenager, so some new emotions have taken up residence. The most prominent of these is Anxiety (Maya Hawke) who makes it her mission to get Riley through hockey camp no matter the cost. Joy, Anger, and the other original emotions find themselves having to journey through Riley’s mind to try and put things right.

The Anger popcorn bucket isn’t all Regal Cinemas is offering as Inside Out 2 merch. They also have a drinking cup available, which features Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness, and a more traditional popcorn bucket that likewise features all our favorite emotions. Kids and adults alike will snap them up before going into the cinema and becoming joyfully angry that not all movies are so good.

You can see the Anger popcorn bucket in action below:

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