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Save These Dates if You’re Waiting for BTS to Make Their Comeback

ARMYs just celebrated BTS Festa 2024 with most of the members still completing their mandatory military enlistment. Only Jin was present in the festivities, but this didn’t weigh ARMYs down.

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On the contrary, fans were beyond happy to have Jin back after nearly two years of military service. There have been several talks about disbandment among onlookers since 2023, when the remaining four members of the group decided to enlist. But fans who keenly follow news about BTS would know that the group is merely taking a hiatus. RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook decided to enlist together so that they could all come back together.

Until then, stay strong and don’t lose hope. J-Hope is coming out soon after Jin. If you find yourself missing BTS while they’re away, you can count the days until their release by taking a peek at their release dates from military service. BTS is most likely to have their comeback as a group in 2025.

MemberEnlistment DateRelease date
JinDecember 13, 2022June 12, 2024
J-HopeApril 18, 2023October 17, 2024
SugaSeptember 22, 2023June 2025
JungkookDecember 12, 2023June 2025
JiminDecember 12, 2023June 2025
VDecember 11, 2023June 2025
RMDecember 11, 2023June 2025

BTS is the most awaited comeback in k-pop history

It goes without saying that BTS isn’t just hype. Many fans are still anticipating the return of OT7. BTS Festa 2024, which happened on June 13, 2024, in Seoul, South Korea, was met with tons of fans. ARMYs in Seoul had various activities lined up for them during the BTS Festa 2024 event, including photo booths and seeing Jin perform live.

Even those who couldn’t physically be in Seoul were writing letters to celebrate BTS’ 11th anniversary as a group. Fans yearn to see the day when all of BTS makes a comeback, but for now, everyone’s satisfied to see at least one member complete their military service.

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