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  1. Art+Feminism Is Hosting Its Second Ever Wikipedia Edit-a-thon To Promote Gender Equality

    Wikipedia is a great resource for all kinds of odd information, but it's often not particularly welcoming to women who want to participate in its elaborate editing process. But just talking about the problem isn't going to create more female editors—training women who are interested will.

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  2. Internet-Based Board Game Linknotize Is Like Six Degrees of Wikipedia

    Sorry, Kevin Bacon.

    Not only can you play a lot of board games on your phone instead of with a board—no matter how many luddites complain that everyone is just tapping away on their phones—but linknotize is a physical board game that you actually play by... tapping away on your phone.

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  3. Wikipedia Organizations Address Gamergate Editor Controversy: Women Are “Invaluable Contributors”

    Something wik'd this way comes.

    So what gives, Wikipedia?

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  4. Wikipedia Has Banned Five Feminist Editors From Gamergate Articles & More


    A decision was made this week by "Wikipedia's supreme court" to ban five editors who were attempting to prevent the "Gamergate Controversy" article from taking on a pro-Gamergate slant. The editors can not only no longer edit the Gamergate entry, but also any other entry having to do with "gender or sexuality, broadly construed."

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  5. Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Isn’t Taking Any of Gamergate’s Threats, Tells Them Off Spectacularly

    *Slow clap.*

    The tough duty of defending the editing of Gamergate Wiki entries for accuracy has fallen to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and he's handling it admirably.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Marion Cotillard & Michael Fassbender In Macbeth

    Things We Saw Today

    Our first look at a new version of Macbeth we previously told you about, starring Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender as "The Macbeths!" (via

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  7. 12 Of The Weirdest Wikipedia Articles You Can Listen To

    Jimmy Wales, was this what you had in mind?

    Available audio versions of large texts can be very useful for blind and visually-impaired readers, which is why text-to-speech software is so popular. You know what, though? That's not Wikipedia's style. They'd rather get people to record themselves reciting articles about whatever they want -- which makes for some strange subject material.

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  8. TL;DR Wikipedia Distills the Internet’s Vast Knowledge Into Short, Sarcastic Barbs

    Finally, the information of the Internet expressed in the native language of the Internet.

    There's a lot of information on the Internet, so it can be hard to know just where to turn when you want a concise explanation of any given subject. That's where TL;DR Wikipedia comes in. They take all of the "knowledge" and "facts" and reduce it to easily remembered, sarcastic flash cards.

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  9. Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Responds to Petition Asking That “Holistic Approaches to Healing” Be Taken Seriously

    You mean people don't have to do whatever a petition tells them to do?

    People in the "holistic healing" community don't like how they're being written about on Wikipedia, so they started a petition asking that Wikipedia put policies in place for their nonsense to be taken just as seriously as actual science. Jimmy Wales responded and forever won our respect.

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  10. PediaPress Wants to Print All of Wikipedia in 1,000 Books, Trees Can Be Heard Weeping

    Somebody call the Lorax.

    Man, the Internet is a convenient place to get a lot of information very quickly at the push of a button, but how can we take that and change it into a permanent, physical record that has pretty much none of those benefits? PediaPress has the answer, and they want to print all of the English language Wikipedia articles into 1,000 books.

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