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This Game Turns the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole Into a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game

Wikitext, a game from developer and designer Kevan Davis, takes the Wikipedia rabbit hole to its logical conclusion. We’ve all been there: researching something really quick and then getting caught in an endless loop of related articles. Three hours later, you look up and realize you’ve just blown through that time reading random facts about pyramids, ducks, and Clonakilty blood pudding.

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Davis’ game reimagines that Wikipedia rabbit hole as a text adventure game, like those from the early days of the internet. Rather than clicking on any link in a given Wikipedia page, Davis’ game limits you to directional choices. For example, if you start the game at the Papal apartments, you can then choose to go north (Apostolic Palace), southeast (Saints Martin and Sebastian of the Swiss) or west (Borgia Apartments).

I had some good fun with the game, and it’s a great way to get your Wikipedia fix without treading too far into the depths. Plus, as a product of the American education system, I could always use a brush-up on my geography. It’s an educational game!

(Via Boing Boing; image via screengrab)

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