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  1. SXSW Tech Panel Promises That “Wearable Tech” Underwear Is the New Hotness

    We've gotten a lot of junk mail promising the same thing, so we're kind of skeptical.

    Wearable tech products are cool and all, but they're not very sexy. Oh sure, they tried to make a porn with Google Glass, but c'mon. No one watched that. Of course, that hasn't stopped inventors on the SXSW panel "Tech Off Your Clothes: Naked Truths Of Wearables” from trying to fulfill all our smut-filled hopes and dreams with electronic underwear.

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  2. Here Is A Bra That Only Unhooks If You’re In Love, Because Japan

    We definitely all wanted bras that could think for themselves, right ladies?

    If you've always wanted undergarments that respond directly to your heart rate and body secretions, Japan has got your back. For its tenth anniversary, lingerie company Ravijour has developed what they're calling the "True Love Tester," a bra that will only unhook if it senses that you're in "true love." Did I know we could "sense" that now?

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Celebrate Christmas With the Hogfather

    Things We Saw Today

    Discworld's Mort Death as the Hogfather as a cake. By Jo Orr of Ciccio Cakes. (That's Nerdalicious)

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Doctor Who Lady Cassandra Cosplay

    Things We Saw Today

    This is Hannah Bockenfeld at last month's Chicago TARDIS. Via an e-mail from her father Don: "She did all the work on her costume except for cutting the styrofoam and drilling holes in the PVC pipe. She even put the grommets in Cassandra's skin (ouch)." Now that is (wait for it) moist impressive. Lauren Rapciak has more pictures from the con.

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  5. Artist Who Painted Vladimir Putin In Women’s Underwear Has To Flee Russia

    For a hyper-masculine ex-KGB operative, Putin sure is sensitive about this kind of thing.

    Artist Konstantin Altunin is seeking asylum in France today, after being forced to flee his native Russia following the removal of several of his paintings from a gallery by Russian police officers. Among those removed was a painting of Russian President Vladmir Putin in a negligee, doing the hair of former Prseident Dmitri Medvedyev.

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  6. WeLoveFine Gives Us Nerdy Underpants & A Lumpy Space Princess Tutu!

    Oh Mah Glob Guys

    It's safe to say we love But when I see an email with the words "Lumpy Space Princess tutu" my eyes pop out of my head as if I had Jake's shapeshifting abilities. Take a look at the latest offerings of Adventure Time, My Little Pony, and few other bonus loungewear items.

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  7. Electric Underwear Could Fight Bedsores By Shocking Your Butt

    While it may sound like a kind of joke ailment, bedsores are no laughing matter. The sores, which result from inactivity in hospital patients, can ulcerate and become infected, and the condition is thought to be responsible for tens of thousands of preventable deaths worldwide every year. So, no laughing at bedsores. What you can probably laugh at safely is the latest treatment for bedsores: Smart-E-Pants, a pair of electric underwear that prevents the sores from developing in the first place by delivering miniscule jolts of electricity to keep the muscles of your butt in motion.

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  8. These Game of Thrones Khal Drogo Panties Will Require A Blood Sacrifice

    i'll just leave this here

    Is that a Horse Lord in your pants or are you just happy to see me? (via Etsy) Previously in Game of Thrones 

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  9. Investigators Find Secret Al Qaeda Files Hidden in Porno, on Memory Stick, in Suspect’s Underpants

    Last year, an Austrian man by the name of Maqsood Lodin was taken into custody in Germany. Lodin was on a watch list, and rightly so as investigators soon discovered that he was carrying secret documents on his person. After searching him, investigators found digital storage devices hidden in his underpants. Within those devices were pornographic videos, and within those were hundreds of pages of al Qaeda documents.

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  10. Here Is Some Information Regarding Superheroes And Underpants

    hold on to your butts

    This is a set shot from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Information on why Matthew Modine is holding a pink thong and how you can own Superman's underpants lie ahead. You are compelled to read on... 

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