The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom logo, also featuring Link's undies

The Real Ganondorf Is Back, But I Only Have Eyes for Link’s Underpants in This New ‘Zelda’ Trailer

There is absolutely nothing I am anticipating more this year than The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And the game’s third and final trailer gave us a lot to get excited about. Turns out, the mummy underneath Hyrule Castle was, indeed, Ganondorf! And we got to see him rehydrated and everything! Seeing the iconic Zelda villain up and running was enough to send a chill down any fan’s spine.

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I barely had time to process Ganondorf’s grand cameo because, just mere seconds later, I discovered my wonderful guy Sidon and his glistening smile are coming back. And all the Champion-descendants and Link look like they even fight together! My heart! It’s exploding! And also, who is that cool wolf lady?? I need to know everything about her, please and thank you.

But all of these grand revelations of characters new and old, from Breath of the Wild and way further back in the Zelda timeline, were merely running off the vibes of the opening headliner. Because the final trailer for Tears of the Kingdom opened with a panty shot.

We’re gonna see Link’s panties so much in this game

more of link's underwear while skydiving in the legend of zelda: tears of the kingdom

Yes, there’s a huge discussion and celebration to be had now that we definitively know that mummy beneath the castle was the humanoid Ganondorf. The monstrous Ganon we fought at the end of Breath of the Wild was basically just the embodiment of the real Ganondorf’s bad vibes?! Or is this truly a merging of the branched-off Zelda timelines, as many a fan has speculated, and the Ganon and Ganondorf are separate entities?

But we can’t talk about that right now. Because first, looking at Link’s underwear, I thought he was wearing briefs. But then, as I was researching his arm for another piece, I realized we’ve seen his underwear while skydiving before. But they were boxers. “My god,” I thought, “is there a thirst war going on among the animators of Nintendo over whether Link wears boxers or briefs??”

But then I zoomed in real good and discovered that Link is, indeed, probably wearing boxers in the final trailer. And he’s also wearing boxers in producer Eiji Aonuma’s gameplay video, in case you’re wondering. All of which had me thinking: we are going to see Link’s underwear so much in this game. Or at least, assuming we maintain the same free control of the camera that we had in Breath of the Wild, we will have the opportunity to see Link’s underwear an awful lot. And Aonuma himself said this game is all about using your imagination.

So what about Ganondorf’s underpants?

After the trailer released, Nintendo revealed the official key art for Ganondorf. Especially for someone who first appears as a dehydrated twiggy corpse, he is ripped to shit. Many are opining that they would like to see his underwear, too. I think he’s probably the type to go commando. That’s a true Power move, after all.

Incidentally, Tears of the Kingdom is now the first Legend of Zelda game to feature a humanoid Ganondorf since Twilight Princess. Which came out in 2006. And 2006 was 17 years ago.

Truly an occasion to buy some new skydiving-worthy underpants for.

(Featured image: Nintendo)

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