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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.



Get Back To Basics With This Pop Culture Alphabet

This charming series is the work of Jeff Victor, whose art we’ve featured previously. If you have young ones this might benefit — or an empty spot on your grown-up wall — he’s got a poster print available for sale. The V, W, and X panel makes for an interesting discussion piece on the signature outfits of female characters, wouldn’t you say?



Meet Windblade Part 2: An Interview with Mairghread Scott and Exclusive Character Designs!

A couple weeks back we put up a short recap of the “controversy” around fan-made TRANSFORMERS, Windblade, that’s debuting in her own 4 part comic series, along with her own Hasbro toy. That article was meant to be the first half of a piece where we got to interview Windblade’s author, Mairghread Scott, but the latter half of that was unavoidably delayed for a bit. So it was much to my delight to receive that interview back today, and OH BOY does Ms. Scott deliver! Want to know more about Windblade, the bots appearing alongside her, and her place in the larger TRANSFORMERS canon? Well wait no longer, friends!

As a double-plus bonus for the being patient with the wait, IDW and Ms Scott have given us several previews of Windblade supporting characters, including BlurrChromia, and Starscream!



Meet Windblade, A Female Character Joining the Transformers Comic Canon

It all started innocently enough. Hasbro, who owns the Transformers license, held a fan-build bot poll in 2013 in anticipation of Transformer’s 30th anniversary in 2014. The final chosen bot got a 4 book comic run and its own toy, all chosen by the fans for the fans. Thus was Windblade born, but with just one problem…

Windblade is a female bot.


Fans Do Cool Things

Edible Optimus Prime Is Made of 700 Pieces of Gingerbread

Caroline Eriksson won the top prize in a gingerbread contest for this confectionary construction, and it’s easy to see why. This is intense. Now I’m imagining an AU where the Autobots are dessert items who fight to save the kitchen from the evil vegetable-based Decepticons. “Cinnamon buns, roll out!”

(via: io9)

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Audience Participation

TV and Movie Scenes Re-Created In Minimalist Legos

Lego artist Nick Desimone has taken minimalist movie posters to the next level: minimalist Lego scenes. He renders classic characters in dioramas using the least amount of bricks possible, creating iconic moments without the benefit of faces, intricate detail, or non-geometric shapes– just with brightly-colored blocks.

Can you guess all of the movies and shows which are Lego-fied here?

(via GeeksAreSexy)


It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

OpTARDIS Prime is a 3D Printed Alien Robot Time Machine

This Transformer TARDIS was 3D printed into existence by Andrew Lindsey, complete with a cool bowtie to make this Transformer the classiest of all the Transformers. Is this what would happen if the Doctor got around to fixing the chameleon circuit in the TARDIS?  Click on to see the Transformer closed up.



Avengers and Transformers, the Roundest, Cutest, and Plushest You’ve Ever Seen Them

CallyKariShokka on Deviantart makes puggles. What are puggles? Well, they’re, uh. These round, soft, felt creatures, that uh. Have ears? And no limbs.

Look, they’re round and cute, and she makes a lot, and I mean a lot of them to look like Transformers characters. I’m not sure any more description needs to be delivered.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Enterprise Is a Transformer Now

The Enterprise-E, specifically. By T.J. Wilferd, who has more detailed photos over at DeviantArt. (via Neatorama)


Oh Really?

Guillermo del Toro Responds To Perceived Michael Bay Insult With Glorious Snark

Arbiter of cinematic quality Michael Bay, during a CinemaCon presentation for his upcoming film Pain & Gain, took Hollywood to task for the “rip-off” robot movies that have been made since Bay’s Transformers. Now, we don’t know whether that was intended as a dig at Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim, which had a CinemaCon presentation the following day. But based on del Toro’s statement to The Hollywood Reporter, he sure took it as one.

Any day where someone takes Bay down a peg is a good day. Click the cut and revel in the snark.


Our Adorable Past

Hillary White Paints Pop Culture into the Old Masters

Hillary White‘s DeviantArt gallery is full of handpainted portraits of popculture figures as if they were the original subjects of artists like Francois-Xavier Fabre, Frans Hals, Anthony Van Dyck, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, and John Singer Sargent. Most of them are for sale. We thought you might be interested in that sort of thing.