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A Facebook Page Inspired a Lot of Raunchy Optimus Prime Jokes Because 2020

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“Sam Witwicky, I am your father” —Optimus Prime, probably.

I was today years old when I discovered the existence of a Facebook page entitled “Only Way is Trucking” which … okay cool but when you venture to the page, it’s just … fun pictures about trucks. Truly, this page is comprised of wholesome posts about semi-trucks. It’s for people who really, really love trucks. Hence, it is their way.

Then someone shared a post to Twitter that went viral and sparked a lot of wink-wink Transformers jokes as a result. For a Friday in the year 2020, this seems to track.

While it’s really rather sweet, our questions emerge from pretty much everything about the original post. The caption, which reads “This picture speaks a thousand words,” to the picture itself (which is a truck looking down on a pregnant woman) is just … so much? And not in a weird way, more of a “what is happening? And why?” kind of way.

So … Twitter went a bit wild with the Optimus Prime jokes and look, can you BLAME us?

And also, so many WAP jokes … like … so many.

For clarification, for those who didn’t grow up watching Transformers or their more recent movie incarnations, Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, an alien race who can transform themselves into different vehicles. While Bumblebee is my personal favorite, Optimus Prime always rolls up as a red and blue semi-truck. Hence the joke. Maybe what we’re learning is that after all this time, Sam Witwicky is the son of Optimus Prime and that’s why Optimus loved him so much. Who knows, I’d believe it. It’s a Friday in 2020, all bets are off.

So, Optimus Prime may have … given this lovely woman his “all spark” but maybe that baby is the savior we need? Autobots, roll out.

(image: Paramount Pictures)

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