Jonathan Groff as Rogue in Doctor Who

Will We Ever See ‘Doctor Who’s Rogue Again?

Doctor Who fans were swept up in a grand romance during last Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who. The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) became enamored with a bounty hunter named Rogue (Jonathan Groff) and it was beautiful. They danced, they kissed … and then it all came to a tragic end.

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Rogue sacrifices himself to save Ruby (Millie Gibson) and prevents the Doctor from having to send his best friend to another dimension. Rogue himself was teleported away in her place, and we don’t know where or when he ended up. Before he vanished, all he could tell the Doctor was “Find me.”

So, is that the last we’ll ever see of the charming Rogue? Hopefully not! Jonathan Groff is optimistic that he’ll be back: “I hope we’re seeing Rogue again,” he said on the behind-the-scenes show Doctor Who Unleashed. “Rogue tells the Doctor at the end of the episode to find him, so it’s totally up to the Doctor. So, the ball is in his court, so to speak!”

Doctor Who has had epic love stories before

For an idea of what might happen with Rogue, you only have to look back at the Doctor’s last big romance, which coincidentally also involved a charismatic snappy dresser whose name began with an R. That would be River Song, and she seemingly died the first time the Doctor ever met her. But because the Doctor’s romance with River was a love story being told out of order, the Doctor met her again in the next season of the show and gradually, the two of them built up to a very unconventional marriage.

Could Rogue be the new River, someone who pops in and out of the Doctor’s life at different points in time? Or is the Doctor going to rescue him sometime after this season’s finale? We don’t know yet, but we do know “Rogue” is one of the best episodes in Ncuti Gatwa’s already very strong first season as the Fifteenth Doctor.

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