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This Is a Love Letter to B2EMO of ‘Star Wars: Andor’

Star Wars Andor Cassian and B2EMO

Star Wars has many important characters that are not the humans, that we see pushing the story forward, and Disney+’s Star Wars: Andor is no different. And often, they can be the heart of a scene or the character we love the most. Whether it is Chewbacca or C-3PO or even Cassian’s relationship with K2-SO, the series is known for having beings that make fans fall in love with them—which brings us, of course, to the droids.

I love droids. My favorite droids are the ones who are so sad all the time. Mainly your D-O droids or your BB-8s that love so deeply and end up sad when those they love are gone. So, obviously I love little B2EMO who beeped sadly when Cassian and Maarva were fighting and seemed genuinely just depressed in the last two episodes of Andor.

The finale of the first season held a big task for B2EMO to take on: bringing a pre-recorded message from Maarva to her funeral. And the entire episode had me screaming for someone to save this droid. And for good reason. He was abused and pushed around, and it’s bad given how much those who know B2EMO love him.

At one point in the season, we even opened an episode through his perspective when he was so upset over Maarva’s death. Point being, out of all the droids in Star Wars, I think that B2EMO and his emotional connection to those around him might be my favorite yet, even if he is being left behind time and time again. At least B2EMO will call Cassian out on it like he did in the finale, but let’s share our love for him.

So this is my love letter to the saddest little droid I have ever met and why I love him oh so much.

To B2EMO with all my love

You red little baby, the apple of Maarva and Cassian’s eye. You were there for them when they needed you most, and it is clear that Maarva’s death brought a lot of pain to you. But you still stood strong, brought Maarva’s message of Rebellion to the time square, and then you were kicked and pushed to the ground because of it.

The Empire abused you and treated you like garbage, but you stayed strong just as Maarva would have wanted, and you helped save Ferrix and the people there from the Empire’s constant rule over them. And for that, I will continue to love you and your brilliance.

The ending moments had Cassian telling B2EMO that he was counting on him to take care of Bix, and B responded, “You’re always saying that,” to which Cassian said, “And you always come through” because the two care about each other in such a way that it is genuinely sweet. And it is why, I think, I love B2EMO so much.

I hope we get to continue to see B2EMO, and I think he’d get along with K2-SO, but as long as B2EMO is happy, that’s all that matters.

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