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How the Trump Campaign Targeted The Walking Dead Viewers and Stirred up Fears of the Other

The Trump campaign decided to put their campaign ads alongside The Walking Dead, because the fandom for that show leans to the right. But why is that?

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Things We Saw Today: Elephants Smashing Pumpkins is Oddly Satisfying

The Oregon Zoo has an annual ceremony called Squishing of the Squash, and if that wasn't adorable enough just wait until you see who gets the chance to do some stomping—a family of elephants.

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The Best of Channing Tatum’s AMA: His Buddy Chris Pratt, Frozen Poop, & His Favorite Care Bear

"I love Pinterest."

Channing Tatum, lover of Pinterest, awesome dancer, national treasure.

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Dying Light‘s Oculus Rift Support Is a Perfect Fit for the Game and VR

Techland's (Dead Island, Call of JuarezDying Light is an open world zombie game all about freedom in moving around the environment to escape your imminent doom at the bloody hands of the infected. If that kind of huge, open world ready for exploration seems like a perfect fit for the Oculus Rift, that's probably because it is.

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Car Hits Man in Zombie Costume Who Was Trying to Scare Motorists. Success?

Zombie apoccident? Hit and shamble?

45-year-old Jeffrey Stiles of Muskegon, Michegan wasn't content with the fun of the Halloween party he was attending, so he decided to step outside and spice things up. By scaring motorists. In his zombie costume. How could that possibly go wrong? Exactly as you'd imagine it would.

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Could a Zombie Apocalypse Actually Happen?


Usually this is something that people only have to worry about in horror movies, but could a zombie apocalypse physically happen in the real world? Admittedly it is not something that should keep you awake at night, but we wondered whether it is scientifically possible for our world to become infected with a zombie virus.

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Survival Moped Is Perfect for All Your Zombie, Robot, Climate Change Apocalypse Needs

What? No caltrops?? Come on!

Welcome to Thunderdome.

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Florida Adds Zombie Apocalypse Amendment, Maybe Knows Something We Don’t

I assume it includes instructions on how to drive over to Mum's and "take care" of Phillip.

There are hordes of undead monsters coming for your delicious brains. Where did they all come from? Who do you blame? Right: Florida. So, a Florida State Senator has added language to an existing bill that makes provisions to include a zombie apocalypse. That's good. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

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Not Sure How To Survive The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse? Take This Course From Michigan State

Need braaaaaaains and 4.0 GPAAAAAAAA

At this point, I think it's safe to say we all know the that zombie apocalypse is an inevitability. But will you be prepared for the end times? Michigan State University has your back, and is offering a course that will teach you everything you need to know in order to transform yourself into a walker-fighter Rick Grimes would be proud of.

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College Offers Course On Zombies and God

You guys wanna go to the quad and devour some brains?

Ah, college. It's a time for sexual exploration, academic engrossment, and preparing oneself for the coming apocalypse. Michigan State University now offers a religious course in zombies, because apparently college kids only care about their brains when they're protecting them from the undead.

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This Cabinet Has Everything You Need for a Zombie Apocalypse

Except a moral compass.

Worried about how to prepare you and your loved ones for the inevitable collapse of civilization? Wolfram Gear has created a cabinet with everything you'll need in the coming disaster-provided you have 145,000 set aside in your apocalypse preparation fund.

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Friday Morning Cartoon: How Geography Could Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Because there's never a bad time to update your zombie survival plan. You do have a zombie survival plan, don't you?

Pop quiz, hotshot: If tomorrow found the streets of your town crawling with human corpses shambling around in a horrible mockery of life, what would you do? If you don't have a hideout planned to answer that question, your priorities are just way out of line. Luckily, TED-ED scholar and geography wonk David Hunter has some handy tips on using geographic concepts -- like movement of people or resources and identifying push and pull factors that could make a location more or less desirable -- to plan your getaway.

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Geek Therapy Tells Us How to Deal with the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse [VIDEO]


In the latest episode of Geek Therapy, a zombie apocalypse nut/The Walking Dead fan learns the difference between preparedness and paranoia from a therapist who's rather more tuned-in to the survivalist thing than he initially thinks. What do ladies do about feminine hygiene products in the Walking Dead-verse, anyway? Oversight, Kirkman. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Turns Out That Emergency Alert System Warning About Zombies Was Fake [VIDEO]

The Truth Is Out There

You might be saying to yourself, "of course it was fake" but think about it. KRTV in Great Falls, Montana broadcast the Emergency Alert System noise with a message about the dead coming to life. You can tell the voice is garbled and definitely not one of authority but not everyone was able to pick up on that. In fact, the local newspaper reported four people called the police to ask if it was true. The station issued a statement saying, "Someone apparently hacked into the Emergency Alert System and announced on KRTV and the CW that there was an emergency in several Montana counties. This message did not originate from KRTV, and there is no emergency. Our engineers are investigating to determine what happened and if it affected other media outlets." Honestly, I'm pretty annoyed at these people. While it was a fun idea, using the EAS is akin to crying wolf. When the zombie apocalypse does happen, no one is going to believe it. (via io9) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Leave Out a Plate of Brains and Milk for Zombie Santa Claus

Were you naughty or nice this year? You know something? It doesn't really matter since Zombie Santa Claus fully intends to sate his ravenous hunger with your sweet, sweet flesh either way. Sculpted by Justin Cissell and distributed by Of Corpse You Can, this Zombie Santa Claus ornament can be yours, bringing that horrific Yuletide touch to your Christmas tree -- sure to make for a lovely conversation piece and a source of unending nightmares for small children already struggling with a socially crippling fear of the fat man in red. For your sake, it's best just to admire him from a distance and keep your fingers away.

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The Science Behind a Zombie Apocalypse [Video]

Halloween is only a few days away, and there's a pretty big storm pounding on an unprepared northeastern United States at the moment. So, one might say the combination is a -- ahem -- perfect storm for zombies and some kind of weather-related apocalypse. One might also mention how those two things could become one, much like the Frankenstorm, and become a full-on zombie apocalypse. The ever-ready gang at AsapSCIENCE is here to teach us that if a zombie apocalypse happens, however unlikely it is, we can blame our noses.

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Homeland Security Encourages Americans To Prepare For Zombie Apocalypse (Because of Reasons)


The Homeland Security Department told us we should be prepared for a zombie apocalypse in an online seminar this past week. Do they know something we don't? 

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The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Teams With Hyundai To Make Zombie-Proof Car


We've all seen some obvious product placement in movies and on television and AMC's The Walking Dead is no exception. You may remember the survivors making a little too big a deal over their Hyundai Tuscon in Season 2 (AMC later went on to give that car away in a sweepstakes) but when you've got a good thing going you should stick with it. That why TWD creator Robert Kikman has teamed with Hyundai to create a zombie-proof car in honor of the 100th issue of the Image comic book.

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Things We Saw Today: Stained Glass Disney Characters

Things We Saw Today

If I owned a castle, I would commission someone to make these the windows in my glorious tower. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? There's another set over at the Lesbian Reader.

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CDC: There Is No Zombie Apocalypse

Officially Official

It's crazy times, people -- in the last couple of weeks, we have heard about more than one instance of people eating people, and that is exactly "more than one" too many. Add in the tweet from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign about a leak of hazardous materials from the Institute of Genomic Biology, and let's just say we're all in a bit of a tizzy about a possible zombie apocalypse. But the Center for Disease Control says we really have no need to worry. (Even though they are on it like Comet in case it does happen, which it's totally not, they swear.)

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