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YouTuber Kian Lawley Has Been Dropped From The Hate U Give Over Racist Video

Actor and YouTube personality Kian Lawley has reportedly been fired from the upcoming film adaptation of the YA hit The Hate U Give after a video surfaced of him making racist jokes, including repeated use of the N-word.

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Popular YouTuber Faces Outcry for “Suicide Forest” Video With Dead Body

Logan Paul, who is apparently a famous person on the Internet, caused an international uproar after posting a video filmed in Japan's so-called "Suicide Forest."

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Aspiring YouTubers’ Stunt Ends in Tragedy and a Charge of Second-Degree Manslaughter

The story of what happened to Pedro Ruiz III and Monalisa Perez is difficult to read. The young couple, who lived in Minnesota with their 3-year-old daughter, sought Internet fame at seemingly any cost. Ruiz paid with his life—and Perez is charged with second-degree manslaughter, after she was convinced to shoot her boyfriend point-blank in the pursuit of "more viewers."

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Popular YouTubers Have Children Taken Away After Abusive Videos

Mike and Heather Martin temporarily lost custody of two of their five children for the cruel "pranks" they played in a series of now-deleted YouTube videos that earned the couple a lot of money. The loss of custody should be permanent.

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Witness Every Trailer from 2015 in this Six-Minute Mashup

Youtuber Sleepy Skunk has created a compilation of trailers for every movie released in 2015.

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Things We Saw Today: NASA Air Flow Visualization Throughout the Years


Look, all I'm saying is that air is really cool.

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Ethically Gorgeous! It’s The Gamergate Make-Up Tutorial!

"I like to use blush in 'Nixon.'"

GooberGrapers, are you tired of your usual look? Need something that says "I'm fighting for ethics?" YouTuber Tadele Smith has some helpful tips for how you can switch up your daily make-up routine. The most important tip here is, of course, a reminder to "line the waterline of your eyes so feminists can't drink your tears." This is truly a make-up tutorial for the ages.

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YouTube Star Who Harasses Women Is Now Being Accused Of Rape

Ah, Sam Pepper. First, you were just a guy who harassed women for YouTube views. Then, you were a guy who allegedly harassed women just because. Now, you're being accused of raping a girl the last time you were in Toronto. Next time, some advice you may want to consider: don't sexually assault people for any reason. Just a thought.

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“MURDER PRANK!!!” Wonderfully Dismantles Everything Wrong With YouTuber Calling Sexual Harassment A “Social Experiment”

I murdered people to show that murder is wrong.

You may have been following our coverage of Sam Pepper, the YouTuber who uploaded videos of himself sexually harassing women and then tried to pass it off as a "social experiment," meant to raise awareness for violence against men. Though I already expressed my distaste for this "explanation," YouTuber JusReign uses parody to get the same point across in a much funnier manner. "MURDER PRANK!!!" is on-point - especially once he starts mimicking Pepper's "explanation" video. Perfect.

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YouTuber Who Sexually Harasses Women Dropped By His Network Amidst Further Allegations of Sexual Harassment

And good riddance.

Sam Pepper, the YouTuber who posts videos in which he sexually assaults women, has been under fire this week for, you know, sexually assaulting women on camera. Many women have also stepped forward to discuss their personal experiences with Pepper - and the YouTuber has subsequently been dropped from his network.

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YouTuber Who Sexually Harasses Women Tries To Pass Off Most Recent Video As “Social Experiment” To Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence Against Men


Yesterday, the YouTube community was rightfully disgusted by ex-Big Brother housemate Sam Pepper's latest video, "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank," where he sexually harasses women in the street and attempts to pass it off as a prank. Today, Pepper has issued something that is, I think, supposed to be an apology; but is actually just self-congratulatory back-pedalling.

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[UPDATED] YouTuber Makes Videos Harassing Women, Receives Awesome & Appropriate Backlash from Laci Green and the YouTube Community

Hey, how about no one ever watches this guy's videos again? Yeah? Yeah.

Two days ago, YouTuber Sam Pepper uploaded a video to his channel called "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank," which sees him approaching and violating unsuspecting women on the street. Despite the obvious sexual harassment in the video, YouTube has yet to remove it - and it's inspired the YouTube community (and the greater internet) to speak out against both the video, and Pepper.

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The “How To Put On Your Face” Gal Is About To Become A Movie Star

Good things happening to good people!

So remember that really excellent, feel-good "makeup tutorial" we showed you a couple of days ago, "How To Put On Your Face?" Anna Akana, the YouTuber behind the video, is about to find her face on an even bigger screen - one at a theater near you.

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