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Things We Saw Today: NASA Air Flow Visualization Throughout the Years


Look, all I’m saying is that air is really cool. (via Jalopnik)

  • Youtubers Hank Green, Bethany Mota, and Glozell Green all interviewed President Obama this week. This has been something the White House has been doing with Youtubers for years now, but this round was met with a particularly dismissive round of media. In response, Green wrote an essay on the experience and the place of Youtube/Youtubers in political discussion. (via Medium)
  • Here are a bunch of beautiful photos and some thoughts from a merfolk convention. (via Cool Hunting)

And here is the cover for the second issue in the Bill & Ted comic.

Philip Pullman censorship and the title of his new book recently in Oxford. “Nobody has the right to live without being shocked.” (via Boing Boing)

  •  This is a post about how Virginia Woolf is an awesome feminist role model. Readers, rec each other feminist reading/awesome people to engage our brains with! I am personally going to recommend Mallory Ortberg’s Texts From Jane Eyre. (via Huffington Post)
  • There’s an app in development that the creators hope will help teens deal with loss and grief through music. (via Wired)

This is a reminder that I made a Mary Sue-inspired Spotify playlist and you should tell me what songs to add/you can subscribe to it if that is something you’re interested in.

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