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The White House Is Full Of Undesirable Vermin and the Jokes Write Themselves

Specifics include mice in the situation room and Navy mess food service area, cockroach infestations in "at least four parts of the White House", and "a colony of ants living in chief of staff John Kelly's office."

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The Repulsive “Official White House Position” Is That All 15+ Women Who Accused Trump Are “Lying”

During Friday's White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked whether "the official White House position [is] that all of these women are lying." She replied, "Yeah, we’ve been clear on that from the beginning."

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Trump Fires Anthony Scaramucci After 10 Days & Twitter Is Having Its Best Day Ever

The Mooch, he is loose.

Oh, Anthony Scaramucci, we hardly knew ye.

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And Now Some Terrifying Propaganda From the White House Communications Team a Child Named Pickle

Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn't have been looking forward to today's White House press briefing. Where would she start? With yesterday's health care vote? With Trump's announcement that transgender people are now banned from serving in the military? The fact that major policy announcements are now apparently coming from his personal Twitter account? Nope, none of the above! Instead, we have a letter from a definitely really real child called Pickle.

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CNN Found an Excellent Workaround for the White House’s Camera Ban

Over the last five months, Sean Spicer and the rest of the White House team have made a number of attempts to get around that whole pesky "free & independent press" thing. They've tried having closed-door, invitation-only briefings (that didn't go over well), they've tried hiding in bushes (ditto), and now they've banned cameras from the White House press briefings.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Your New Source of Ridiculous White House Word Vomit

That's not how words work.

Trump's deputy press secretary is making the TV news rounds. Warning: utter nonsense ahead.

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