Jill and Joe Biden look intenseley in front of them with a large Christmas tree in the background.

Fox News Is Now Criticizing the Bidens for Caring TOO Much About Christmas

So much for the war on Christmas, I guess.

Every year, Republicans and right-wing media try to accuse “liberals” (a wide-ranging term meant to apply disparagingly to everyone from progressive politicians to giant corporations) of waging a war on Christmas. They’ve railed against non-white Santa, gay Santa, the phrase “Happy Holidays,” and Starbucks’ cup designs, just to name a few nonsensical things they care way too much about. Last year, some Fox News hosts claimed they were the victim of a “hate crime” after the giant Christmas tree outside their New York headquarters caught fire.

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Pushing the made-up idea of a “War on Christmas” is a Fox News staple. But this year, needing an anti-Democrat holiday narrative to grasp onto, they’re criticizing the Bidens for being too into Christmas after the White House had its tree delivered Monday.

Sure, never mind the fact that the Trump White House also unveiled their Christmas decorations the Monday before Thanksgiving their last year in office. (And that came after Melania Trump was caught on tape saying “Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff?”) Also never mind, I suppose, that Fox News had its annual tree lighting ceremony yesterday. That was just hours before Laura Ingraham and her guest Raymond Arroyo (who you might remember from the duo’s multiple failed attempts at comedy) complained about needing to “take a breath between the seasons” and wait until after Thanksgiving passes to start celebrating Christmas.

That’s not even an unpopular sentiment! But it’s Ingraham’s extremely selective application of this standard that’s so blatantly pearl-clutchy.

This isn’t even the first time (this week!) that Fox News has tried to frame Biden’s totally normal holiday traditions as being somehow anti-American or whatever.

Fox News invented the War on Christmas. It’s embarrassing that they’re losing it this hard.

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