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Here’s What the Internet Thinks About Anthony Scaramucci, the New White House Communications Director

What does Twitter have to say about the former TV host, former Goldmann Sachs employee, and current guy in charge of Trump's communications?

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How Did Donald Trump Think People Would React to His Asinine “Made in America Week” Idea?

America to Trump: 'You first.'

Donald Trump has declared this "Made in America" week. People have some questions.

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Giveaway: Become a Main Character With Your Own Copy of Brooding YA Hero

One lucky reader will win an advance copy of Brooding YA Hero, and survive the dreaded plot twist.

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Chelsea Clinton Would Like Donald Trump to Keep Her Name Out of His Tweets, Thank You Very Much

Trump tried to draw a comparison between Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton, and Clinton was not having it.

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Anti-Semitic, Racist History of Trump Wrestling GIF Creator Uncovered, & Things Only Got Worse for Everyone From There

The Reddit user who created the GIF of Trump punching an embodied CNN has apologized after the network uncovered his identity.

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Stephen Colbert’s #AmericanGreatness Hashtag Is The Calming Antidote to Trump’s Twitter Storm

Stephen Colbert's #AmericanGreatness hashtag is surprisingly full of tributes to national parks, immigrants, public service, and acts of resistance.

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Trump’s Petty, Sexist Attack on Mika Brzezinski May Be a New Low, But It’s Definitely Not His Bottom

Welp, here we are again. Every time we think Donald Trump can't possibly get any less presidential, he proves us wrong.

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The Daily Show Imagines What Trump’s Presidential Library Would Look Like & Yes, It’s Just Embarrassing Tweets

The folks at The Daily Show decided not to wait for the official library that usually comes at the end of a president's term, since, as Trevor Noah puts it, "we do not know when his term will end. It could be next week, it could be never. So we decided to do it now."

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The Internet Is Celebrating Donald Trump’s Birthday the Only Way They Know How: With Vicious Sarcasm

Twitter is full of people wishing Trump a less-than-happy birthday.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Tried to Get in on the Pride Merchandise Game, Went Full #StraightLivesMatter

The clothing company tried to make sure straight people weren't feeling left out of Pride, thereby missing the entire point of Pride.

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J.K. Rowling Calls Out Liberal Sexism in Epic Twitter Thread

J.K. Rowling is not having your liberal, sexist bullshit, thank you very much.

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Sean Spicer Got Booed at Today’s Press Briefing & the Internet Has No Sympathy

After about two weeks off, Sean Spicer was back behind the White House press podium today, because Trump is apparently really enjoying dragging out his firing. The briefing, as you might expect, did not go well.

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Ivanka Trump’s Cringeworthy Memorial Day Tweet Forgot What Memorial Day Is About

Ivanka Trump's blog tweeted about Memorial Day but forgot to mention soldiers.

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The Internet Is Having a Great Time Trying to Identify Trump’s Mysterious Glowing Orb

Hail Hydra

Trump's visit to the Middle East included a strange moment with an ominous glowing globe. The internet, of course, is having a fun time trying to identify the orb.

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Women on Twitter Are Sharing Their Worst Experiences With Mansplaining

Laughing through the rage.

Just how pervasive is the presence of mansplaining in women's lives? Twitter's here to let you know.

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Fox News Creator Roger Ailes Has Died. Let’s Let the Internet Say a Few Words in Remembrance

What do you say about a man like Roger Ailes? Twitter has some ideas.

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So … About Those “Tapes” Trump Threatened James Comey With Maybe Possibly Having

Donald Trump threatened Comey with secretly recorded tapes because he still doesn't get that that's not a thing the President can do.

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Trump Threatens Free Press and a Private Citizen. In Other Words, It’s Friday in America.

Our Tweeter-in-chief, who calls it "fake news" when outlets report on things he actually says and things that actually happen, had another one of his patented Twitter rants this morning. With each rant becoming more and more disturbing, this one takes the cake for sheer efficiencyhe managed to threaten the First Amendment and threaten a private citizen who is part of an ongoing investigation in, like, four tweets.

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Jessica Jones Hates Iron Fist, and We Love Her For It

Feelings have been, shall we say, less than favorable about the most recent installment in the Netflix Marvelverse, Iron Fist. However, we'll have plenty more Danny Rand to deal with on the upcoming show, The Defenders, which brings him together with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. If you're not entirely thrilled with that, don't worry. Neither is Jessica Jones.

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A Reminder that Donald Trump Is Spectacularly Bad at the Internet

Trump's bizarre photoshopped Twitter banner, plus his inability to delete pages from his website, have the internet's ridicule game going strong.

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