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Yikes, Reuters, Kirsten Dunst Is More Than “Spiderman’s Girlfriend”

We're still angry about how media has treated this legend.

Kirsten Dunst has been working steadily in Hollywood, turning out amazing work, since she was a child. She transitioned gracefully from child actor to teen star to serious leading lady at the head of a massive franchise without ever melting down, but the fact that her work has been incredibly feminine and female-focused has led a lot of people to dismiss her, whether as just a girlfriend or a teen cheerleader.

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Jeremy Renner and Ryan Reynolds out Here Yelling for Spider-Man Rights

Anyway, we're all broken, and that's okay. Peter Parker broke us.

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Yes, There’s a Reason Some of Us Still Have to Defend Our Love of Superhero Movies

I can't wait until I can go to a Marvel movie and never worry that some guy is going to ask where my boyfriend is. 

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Don’t Ever Ask Someone to Turn on Read Receipts—Especially After a First Date

Anyway, never openly tell someone that you want to track when they ghost you. You've got to be sneakier than that.

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Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This … Pizza Hut?

Okay but next, can everyone discover the "Time to make the donuts" commercial from Dunkin Donuts. I want that getting the meme treatment, please!

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There’s a War Between “Stans” of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson, and … Maybe Don’t?

Yeah, you read that right.

So, the point is, if this is fake, this is the wildest Twitter fake fight I've ever seen and I applaud those who orchestrated it. But if you seriously 'stan' Ted Bundy or Charles Manson then...we have bigger problems.

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If You Don’t like T-Shirts That Yell at You, Then You Can MOVE

Know those shirts that have novels on the back and yell at you? Well, now they're a fun meme and if you don't like it, then you can MOVE.

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The Twitter Account “Men Writing Women” Is a Hilarious Look At Some Seriously Sexist Prose

What the hell, men?

Ever pick up a book or a script, get to a description of a woman, and immediately go "oh, a man wrote this" because the description is just too sexist?

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Don’t Panic! Sean Astin Is Just Trending Because He’s Awesome, and We All Love Him.

Wholesome trending is the best trending.

The kids are calling him Sean Astin from Stranger Things.

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Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About the #BestMovieLineEver, and We’ve Got Some Thoughts

Here's looking at you, Twitter.

There are many iconic lines in cinema history, but can you pick the best one of all time?

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Wait, What Do 30-50 Feral Hogs Have to Do With Gun Control? Or Anything?

(Nothing. The answer is nothing.)

Oh boy, buckle in and let's go on a feral hog journey together. 

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The Internet Presents Truly Impossible Choices With the Lunch Table Meme

It's so fetch.

Even though no one particularly wants to relive high school, the latest meme trend takes us back to the days of figuring out where to sit at lunch.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Insensitive Tweet on Mass Shootings Misses the Entire Point

Not every thought in your head needs to be shared, Neil.

Really Neil? Really?

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Hilarious Twitter Thread Definitively Explains Who the Cats of Cats Are

For those of us confused as to who all these top-hatted and cats-with-breasts in 'Cats' are, we have a handy guide courtesy of writer Hannah Woodhead.

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No, Women Don’t Have to Have Kids to Be Happy, Stefan Molyneux

The idea that a woman has to have a child to be fulfilled is about as archaic as those stating it as if it was a fact.

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#ThingsThatGiveMeAnxiety Is Trending and That’s My Secret, Cap. I’m Always Anxious.

Twitter asked us what gives us anxiety, and ... hilarious. It's 2019. It would probably be easier to answer what DOESN'T. 

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We Can’t Stop Laughing at the #terribleMCUcasting Trend on Twitter

So many bad choices, so little time.

The internet was quick to jump on the bandwagon, giving us some of the funniest, worst casting ideas for our favorite MCU characters.

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The Simu Liu Is Now the Better Version of The Secret

Simu Liu is down with us using his tactics to manifest our own destiny!

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Everyone’s Talking About What Actual Strange Things They’d Bring Back From Childhood

Growing up, many of us probably had things that we loved, and that we miss now that they no longer exist.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Leslie Knope-Level Preparedness Is Our New Favorite Meme

Favorite because it's something we actually like.

Elizabeth Warren has quite a lot of memes surrounding her, and it's all because of our collective admiration for the presidential candidate—one of the better reasons to become the star of memes, tbh.

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