Stephen King at the White House.
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Stephen King Has Made a Bold Prediction—and Important Point—for the 2024 Election

Stephen King is one of the most famous authors of all time, and he never holds back his opinions on his X (formerly Twitter) account. Now, the popular wordsmith is the latest celebrity to give their opinion on the 2024 Presidential Election.

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In a recent post, he made a bold prediction, saying, “Trump is going to lose. Prepare for it.” I certainly hope he’s right! I love knowing that King has these views, but his political stance has been well known for a while. He has been a Democrat for decades and has even gone after Trump before the manbaby even first ran for President. So, this shouldn’t come as a shock. I am still glad that he continues to speak openly!

I am one of those people who thinks celebrities should give their political views. And of course it doesn’t hurt if they’re ones I agree with! In January of this year, King posted about the New Hampshire Republican Primary, calling Trump ungracious even with this victory. He also told Republicans to think about this. He seems to like making an observation and then leaving us with more to think about it. Maybe it’s the writer in him.

In that case, Trump was still being a his usual, obnoxious self even though he demolished Nikki Haley in that race. King made an astute point about his demonstration of a lack of personality traits that one should look for in their president. If Trump can’t even keep his dignity in victory, we know he will be even worse if he loses again in the fall, when it really counts. Going after Trump’s personal flaws is something I think people should have been doing. Having good character, to an extent, should matter when it comes to being the president of the United States.

Now I think King is warning people about the dangers of Trump losing. We all know the setbacks if the orange buffoon gets back in as the actual president. The policy proposals alone would ruin any decent country. But his personality defects make him wildly unfit for office, and make him and his supporters dangerous even if he doesn’t. Though short, King’s post saying to prepare makes me think that he is keenly aware of how MAGA weirdos will react.

I could be off-base with my analysis of his succinct tweet, but that is how I interpreted it, and I think it’s an important comment. We have to prepare for how the crazies will behave. I sadly think January 6th was just the tip of the iceberg. I wish more celebrities and politicians would be honest the way King is. 

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