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“Why Shouldn’t I Be Able to Speak My Truth?” 8th Grader Who Refused Picture with Paul Ryan Defends Her Decision

"My generation is the future. I will be working and living in a society created by today’s decisions. So why shouldn’t I be able to speak my truth?"

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Kids, Please Stop Making These Celebrity “Promposal” Videos

You're making the grown-ups uncomfortable.

A high school student invited Emma Stone to prom in an elaborate viral video. Why are so many people hoping she'd say yes to a date with a teenager?

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13 Fantasy Books Featuring Teens with Magical Abilities

It's a whole new world for these teens navigating the rocky road of growing up while learning how to control their newfound powers.

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Teen Girl Makes “Sit With Us” App For Lonely Students Seeking Lunch Table Friends

A lot has changed since I was in school, but it sounds like one big stressful aspect of a typical school day hasn't changed a bit, and that's the politics of the lunch table. This new app called "Sit With Us," invented by a 16-year-old girl, aims to change that.

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Never Underestimate the Power of Teenage Superheroes

They have an impact not merely on their own worlds, but on the future of ours as well.

For almost as long as there have been superhero comics, there have been teenage superheroes. From Superboy to Ms. Marvel, superheroes in their teenage years are solid proof that you don't necessarily have to be an adult to be endowed with powers--or find yourself the unexpected recipient of superhuman abilities.

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CHVRCHES Singing Angsty Teenage Poetry About Unrequited Love Is Too Good for Words

Mortified, a podcast that features people reading their embarrassing teenage poetry, diary entries, and letters featured Chvrches singing "Laurel," a poem one Nat Miller wrote to his crush when he was 14.

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Teenage Girls Play Video Games, but They Do It Off the Mic

And can you blame them?

The Pew Research Center recently did a study that confirmed something all of us here already knew - teenage girls play video games. Not just "girly" mobile games like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, but games of all types. The only difference? They tend to do so in a solitary fashion - not playing online, or even in rooms with other people - and on the rare occasions they do go online, they don't use their mics at all. It's as if they know that online gaming can be a harsh environment.

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The Descendants Opening Number is Peak Disney Channel

Beast dad jokes and a teenage supervillain musical number

Now, I shamelessly love Sky High where we saw superhero teenagers being all teen-like, but when The Descendants started breaking out lyrics like "I'm rotten to the core" and "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the baddest of them all" to a Disney-fied dubstep-esque lip-sync dance number I was very confused.

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Teenage Musician Does Guzheng Cover Of Metallica’s “One” That Will Rock You Gently

We've posted the awesome cover work of Michelle Kwan before. Last time it was Guns 'N Roses, this time it's Metallica. I'll be over here, gently banging my head with a lighter held up...

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8 Real Life Girl Geniuses You Ought to Know

No, not Ami Mizuno!

It’s time to call these girls by name, and give them the respect they deserve. Write these down, tell your friends about them, and – better yet – tell the kids in your life about them, too. Give them someone (several someones!) to look up to, and give their science teachers a break from having to explain why learning chemistry, biology, and physics might be a handy thing to do.

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Sexual Agency and Zombie Butts: Why Bob’s Burgers‘ Tina Belcher Matters


If you had told me back in 2011 that Tina Belcher would be my absolute favorite character on H. Jon Benjamin’s new show Bob’s Burgers, let alone that she’d be one of my favorite characters on television period, I would have been … skeptical at best. Mostly I just saw the character design and knew she was voiced by a male comedian and, man, does comedy have a bad history of mocking girl characters who have masculine features and don’t fit perfect feminine molds (cough cough Family Guy cough). But the show took what could have been a cheap running gag of “let’s laugh at the weird girl” and turned her into the best character on the whole damn show. And I’m still kind of amazed that she exists.

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Girl Says She Was Booted From Prom For Wearing That Most Scandalous of Attire: Pants

Oh My Stars and Garters

No, not pants! Anything but pants! *gasssssssp*

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16-Year-Old Survives Flight From San Jose to Hawaii in Wheel Well of Plane

Don't do this. You'll die.

A 16-year-old boy hopped the fence at Mineta San Jose International Airport and jumped into the wheel well—where the landing gear is stored during flight—of a Hawaiian Airlines jet heading to Kahului Airport in Maui. He spent hours at high altitude, low temperatures, and thin air, but luckily he survived.

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A Whole Bunch of Teenagers Tweeted Bomb Threats at American Airlines Because Humanity Is Terrible

Everyone is the worst.

You'd think that seeing a teenage girl get into actual real-world trouble for tweeting a vague and incredibly-racist terror threat to an airline would make other people want to stop doing that. Of course, that's a fallacy on your part. Teenagers are not people. They are monsters.

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Mean Little Girls: Thoughts On Indie Game Journal


Journal is a game with problems. I was on board with so many things about it — wandering through the pages in a notebook, the shadow puppet interludes, the mystery of a young girl whose beloved diary has gone blank. It’s a simple game, one that revolves around talking to other characters and piecing the story together. I’m normally all for adventure games of this sort, but I had trouble getting into this one. The wandering was too open-ended, leaving me sometimes at a loss for what I should do next. There were incongruous moments where a character would reference a past event, and my character had full knowledge of what they were talking about. Weren’t we supposed to be filling in the blanks together? Apparently not. The effect left me feeling distanced from the story. It wasn’t until the day after, when I started reflecting on the game, that it started to bother me. Really bother me. The more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to write about it. I wanted to let this one lie. The nameless protagonist of Journal is a young girl, who I placed somewhere between eleven and fourteen. That’s an age range I do not like thinking about. And even though Journal’s girl was wrestling with things that I largely did not, the way she reacted to them left me feeling bruised.

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Nerd Girl With Amazing Sense of Humor Takes her Calculator to Prom

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

According to Tumblrer I Ship It Like UPS, as documented by a suite of photos, nobody asked her to prom, so she decided to take somebody who'd had a real and lasting effect on her academic progress: her TI-84. I have to admit: it's a pretty snazzy dresser.

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Jesuit High Schooler Delivers Wet Willy on Live TV, May Be Suspended, Judged by an Angry God [Video]

It's a well-known fact that when you turn your camera on a teenager, they are going to do something stupid. It's pretty much a law of physics, really. Case in point: This student at St. Joseph's, a Jesuit prep school in Pennsylvania, knew he was on live television and, being any high school student anywhere in the history of time, just couldn't restrain himself from taking probably the one opportunity he will ever get to give the dude in front of him a dreaded "wet willy" before an audience of millions. We know that feel, bro.  Thankfully, someone captured this moment of brilliance to share with the Internet at large, and we're delighted to bring it to you below.

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Teenager Really, Really Needs To Get Online, Drugs Parents’ Milkshakes So They Pass Out

Meddling Kids

You've heard the saying, "beware Greeks bearing gifts," yes? How about teenagers bearing milkshakes? No? Well you're about to become familiar with it. A California teen just absolutely had to get on the internet one night and since her parents wouldn't allow it, she drugged them. 

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Think of the Children: South Korea Apparently Planning to Block Porn on Phones of Teenagers

The untamed wilderness of the Internet is still something that people across the globe tend to find suspicious. There could be anything out there, after all, and we need to protect the children. That's how the argument typically goes, anyway, when calls for censorship crop up. That's what appears to be the case in South Korea, as the nation's reportedly planning on installing filters on the smartphones of teenagers in order to block unsavory material like pornography.

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Angry Swedish Teenagers Riot Over Instagram Sext Account

Sometimes riots happen. Sometimes Swedish teenagers send sexy pictures to each other. Sometimes riots happen because Swedish teenagers send sexy pictures to each other. That's what happened when a group teenagers swarmed the school of a girl accused of posting sexy pictures on Instagram. The riot also spilled over to a local mall, scaring unwitting holiday shoppers. Rioting teenagers in a mall is exactly what old people at malls are afraid of.

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