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Netflix Unconcerned About Plight of VPN Users, Would Like Regional Restrictions Lifted Entirely

We can all relate to personal struggles with the contents of Netflix's streaming content library, but as the company expands its international reach, there are more users than ever who are cut off from portions of that content due to regional rights restrictions. Those customers may not be too happy that Netflix is making it harder to circumvent those restrictions using a VPN, but Netflix isn't really the "bad guy" here. They don't have much of a choice.

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Amazon to Add Separate Monthly Subscription Options for Prime and Video

Amazon's prime subscription service is an enticing package with free two-day shipping and unlimited access to the company's Prime Video streaming service (home to Orphan Black and recently nabbed Doctor Who), but it's also got a decent overhead due to $99 for a one-year subscription being the only payment option. That's about to change.

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The Netflix Algorithm Doesn’t Care About Gender, Age, or Geography — Only Your Taste

The only weird thing about Netflix's meteoric rise to power is that almost nothing has gone wrong for them. That's all thanks to their hard work, but it's also kind of weird that no one's complained about them yet, right?

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Review: NVIDIA Shield TV Is a Powerful “Cord Cutting” Box for Gamers

In whatever form it finally solidifies and however long it takes to finally get there, streaming Internet TV is the future of television. Similarly, it seems like destiny that streaming video games will be part of our future, too. Or, if you can't wait that long, they can be part of your present with the Nvidia Shield TV.

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YouTube’s First Round of Paid Content Is Coming on February 10th

Or the end of days—you know, however you want to look at it.

YouTube's fully ad-supported days will soon be officially behind us. Sure, the YouTube Red subscription service already exists, so those days were already kind of over, but for the first time on February 10th, YouTube will host videos only available to paying customers.

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Netflix Mocks “Remarkably Inaccurate” Ratings Info NBC Tried to Spread About Them

In which NBC is basically the jealous ex of "cord cutters."

Being a pay TV service, Netflix doesn't so much give a crap about traditional "ratings," because their real measure of success is simply whether or not people are willing to, well, pay for their TV service—and we are. That didn't stop NBC from trying to get their viewership numbers and spread them around like they totally aren't even worried or whatever, and Netflix has fired back.

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CBS to Launch New New Star Trek Series as First Original Show for CBS All Access

It's been ten years since the end of Enterprise - before that, Star Trek had been on TV in one form or another for almost 20 years - and since then there's been a Trek-shaped hole in my TV-loving heart. Today, CBS announced that there's a new Star Trek show on the horizon, and the announcement comes just in time for the franchise's 50th Anniversary! But it will only be available to those who subscribe to CBS' streaming service, CBS All Access. Um, thanks?

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Paid YouTube Subscription Service “YouTube Red” Finally Revealed

OK but how many cat videos does $9.99 get me?

Tired of YouTube ads? Great! Now there's a way to make them go away, and it's super easy. All you have to do is start paying for one of the greatest free services on the Internet, and—wait, what?

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Netflix Streaming Just got $1 More Expensive. EVERYONE PANIC.

Netflix warned only a few months ago that prices would have to rise to support its ever-growing content, and now it has begun. They're raising the price of the standard streaming package from $8.99 to $9.99.

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Netflix Knows When Shows Get You Addicted

What are YOUR "hooked episodes?"

If you binge-watch a show on Netflix, chances are you love it and you've become addicted to it. But, do you know exactly when that happened? Here's a hint: it wasn't because of the pilot.

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Netflix to Raise Prices, Push for New Packages, End Times Truly Upon Us

Et tu, Netflix?

Gird your loins for this veritable kick in the pants: Netflix is going to raise streaming prices. Sure, you could argue that the service is clearly worth it and would need to inflate its price by several orders of magnitude to be as absurd as standard cable TV, but why would you try to interrupt our blind, binge watch-addled panic?

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Despite Netflix Not Caring About Ratings, Theirs Would Reportedly Surpass Regular TV Networks Soon

If they existed, which they don't, because they're silly.

Be the change you want to see in the world—especially if that change is getting rid of cable, because it's incredibly painless at this point. It's never been more practical to go without traditional TV packages with services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now, and the tides are shifting: an analysis shows that Netflix is poised to have more viewers than any of the big TV networks by 2016.

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Showtime Is Now the First Premium Service to Come to Hulu; Also to Launch Their Own Streaming Service in July


If you're like me, and are a fan of Masters of Sex, Homeland, or any of Showtime's other offerings but have cut down on cable, because cable is too damn expensive and why the hell should I pay more for certain channels and be forced to get channels I don't even want or need as part of a package just so I can watch my Doctor Who?! have we got good news for you! Showtime is now the first Premium Cable channel to come to Hulu.

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A Ton of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes Headline Free Streaming Platform Shout! Factory TV

They'll send you cult TV shows, the most nostalgic they can find.

You can't stream Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix anymore, because they've moved onto bigger and better things—well, smaller and better. ...Or smaller and mostly the same, but free! Did I mention free?

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WWE’s $10 Streaming Television Network Is Exactly What We Want from Other Networks, Minus the Wrestling

Unless they want to put some robots or aliens in the ring. We'd probably watch that.

A lot of people are probably going to want to (pretend to) punch me in the face for saying this, but professional wrestling—well, the WWE kind, anyway—is really silly. That's why we're incredibly surprised to find ourselves so excited about WWE's streaming television network, because it's exactly what we'd like to see for TV's future.

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