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The Surprising, Subtle Feminism of the Spider-Man Trilogy

Bear with us.

Hear me out: I’m looking forward to the Spider-Man reboot. I really am! I know it’s not the most worthwhile endeavor in the world, but I’m sure the MCU will do right by the character, and I’m happy to watch that all happen. You go, Uncle Ben! Die onscreen a third time! And now continue to hear me out: I hope the new movie reaches the heights of progressiveness regarding its female characters that the original Spider-Man trilogy did. No, really!

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It’s OK Everyone, Sam Raimi Doesn’t Think Spider-Man 3 Was “So Good” Either

Spider-Man: Hindsight Is 20-20-99.

So... Now we can let the healing begin?

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This Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3 Video IS Waaaaay Shorter Than We Would Have Guessed

They also kind of miss the point.

When Dan recently wrote about the Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 2 video, he jokingly commented that pointing out everything wrong Spider-Man 3 would take 139 minutes. Well, CinemaSins apparently took it as a challenge and released this 13-minute version.

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