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This Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3 Video IS Waaaaay Shorter Than We Would Have Guessed

They also kind of miss the point.

When Dan recently wrote about the Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 2 video, he jokingly commented that pointing out everything wrong Spider-Man 3 would take 139 minutes. Well, CinemaSins apparently took it as a challenge and released this 13-minute version.

They point out more than 120 “sins” in the video, but kind of miss the terrible forest for the terrible trees. Spider-Man 3 is a deeply flawed movie, but its sum is worse than its parts.

Screen Junkies also just released their takedown of the movie in the form of one of their “Honest Trailers” videos. It focused on the trilogy as a whole, but managed to focus on a lot more of the bigger problems with the movie.

(via CinemaSins)

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