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The Cast of Spider-Man Chose Chaos and Trolled Fans With First Looks at the Next Movie


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In a move to try to get people excited about Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie, the cast decided to take to Instagram and give us first looks from the film! With a troll-y twist. Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya all posted different pictures from what looks like the same scene with different title cards for the movie after them. No, Spider-Man: Phone Home, Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker, and Spider-Man: Home Slice are not the official titles, but at least we now know what is.


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But all this did was have me screaming for an entire night because I just want the title. I’m turning into J. Jonah Jameson and demanding a title for the second Spider-Man 3.

spider-man j jonah jameson

The posts were exciting because we got to see Ned, MJ, and Peter all together again, but whatever excitement I had over them was lost in the battle of “BUT WHAT IS THE TITLE?” Many thought that Tom Holland would announce it on his appearance on The Tonight Show, but instead, all they did was play a game about spoilers where they mentioned Spider-Man: Homecoming and then didn’t say anything about the new movie’s title.

Twitter went down a rabbit hole of making fun of the non-titles, screaming about wanting a title, and just generally yelling because we clearly want more information on this Spider-Man movie.

And now Tom Holland is out here tweeting shaky gifs?

Am I slowly descending into madness? Yes because I just want to talk about Spider-Man but we have so little confirmed information about the third film. I basically turned into this gif of Charlie Day.

it's always sunny in philadelphia

(image: FX)

But then, as we all were screaming about titles and yelling at each other, they announced that the next Spider-Man movie is going to be … (drum roll please).


(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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