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Seth Meyers Leaned into the Misogyny Epidemic in His Golden Globes Speech Because What the Hell Else Was He Going to Do?

Seth Meyers' opening monologue at the Golden Globes was focused nearly entirely on the entertainment industry's misogyny epidemic.

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Amber Ruffin Apologizing Like a Sexual Harasser on Late Night with Seth Meyers Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

"I'm sorry your face feels punched."

Amber Ruffin's latest Late Night with Seth Meyers segment is all about how terrible these "apologies" are, and how they don't fool anyone.

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Allison Williams Tells Seth Meyers What White Audiences Won’t Accept About Her Get Out Character

SPOILERS all up in here.

Get Out was one of the best and most thought-provoking films of the year, and as it begins what I'm sure will be a successful journey through awards season one of its stars, Allison Williams, was on Late Night with Seth Meyers talking about the film. One of the most interesting things she brought up was the response of white audiences to her character. **SPOILERS beyond this point if you haven't seen the film.**

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Seth Meyers Dismantles Trump’s “Insane” Attempt to Discredit the Tape Where He Brags About Sexual Assault

Another day, another statement from the President of the United States that supposes we're all as idiotic as his own progeny. Trump is now trying to imply that the "grab 'em by the pussy" recording wherein he brags about sexually assaulting women—and which he publically apologized for on television—is actually "fake news."

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If The Golden Globes Need a Feminist Host, They Should Pick Samantha Bee

If Golden Globes want to make a stand about supporting women and providing a feminist voice for them, they should pick Samantha Bee.

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Seth Meyers: Sexual Harassment Isn’t a Partisan Issue, but a “Society-Wide Problem”

"This is society-wide problem borne out of systemic misogyny and abuse of power," says the host, "and both parties need to take it seriously, no matter who's accused."

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Amber Ruffin Responds to Mike Ditka’s Claim That There Has Been “No Oppression in the Last 100 Years”

Writer Amber Ruffin addressed comments made by Mike Ditka on Late Night with Seth Meyers yesterday, after the former Chicago Bears coach shared his thoughts on the growing movement of players protesting during the national anthem.

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From DREAM to Nightmare: Late Night Responds to Trump’s Cruel DACA Decision

James Corden, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel all condemned Trump for his decision to rescind DACA, which protects 800,000 children of immigrants from deportation.

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Late Night Hosts Show Trump How Easy It Is to Rebuke Charlottesville Nazis and Terrorism

"I've seen angrier Yelp reviews!"

Last night, all the late night talk show hosts tackled the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Yes, even Jimmy Fallon.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Basically Hamilton‘s Proud Grandpa in New Late Night Interview

A commenter on this video on YouTube used the term "Linnamon roll" to describe Lin-Manuel Miranda in this interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and it's now my new favorite phrase. So, check out our favorite Linnamon roll in the above conversation about Hamilton's history and continuing relevance.

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Laverne Cox On Portraying Solitary Confinement in OITNB & Her Desire to Be a Bond Girl

Laverne Cox went on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about entering the mind of her character, Sophia Burset on Orange Is the New Black, when she's locked up in solitary confinement or, Security Housing Unit (SHU).

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Late Night with Seth Meyers Team Gets the Giggles in Perfect Wonder Woman Skit

Ally Hord discusses all the implications of the film for female actors, directors, and movie-goers. "Let's not pat ourselves on the back....women only account for 32% of speaking roles in movies," she says, "a real triumph would be bringing that ratio to half and half."

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Here’s the Seth Meyers Late Night Election Response You Need to Start Your Day

Things got dicey yesterday after the election results came in—the best thing President Obama could find to say was that the solar system would not literally grind to a halt—but in the interest of keeping ourselves moving, here's Seth Meyers' reaction to the news on Late Night. Frankly, I'm more of a Fallon viewer myself, but we've firmly established this year that he's not exactly the one to turn to for pithy political commentary.

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Seth Meyers Perfectly Explains Why the Choice Is so Hard in This Election

It's almost over, everyone! There are five days left until the U.S. Presidential Election, and early voting is already happening. Soon this will all be behind us, and we'll be able to look back on it as if it were a bad dream (unless we wake up in a bigger nightmare on November 9th). Apparently, the polls are panic-inducingly close, and people are still having a hard time deciding who to vote for, because the choice is so hard, you guys. Thankfully, Seth Meyers is here to help.

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“It’s so Gross and Mean and Unnecessary,” Leslie Jones Talks About Twitter Harassment

Leslie Jones has had a tough week consisting of her receiving a large amount heinously racist and sexist harassment online, the eventual banning of accounts guilty of abuse on Twitter, and her triumphant return to the platform. Jones spoke to Seth Meyers about the experience, reminding us how amazing she is as well as how important it is for platforms like Twitter to handle online abuse.

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Just Some Dudes Hanging Out, Drinking to Male Privilege

Vanity Fair just accidentally illustrated comedy and TV's "boys' club" problem better than any article ever could.

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Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia! Winona Ryder Confirms Beetlejuice Sequel

Here are ... the deetz ...

It's been some time since director Tim Burton officially announced his plans for a Winona Ryder-starring Beetlejuice sequel, so it's nice to hear confirmation from Ryder that the film is still happening (and that TSA agents are all huge nerds).

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That Time Chris Pratt Flashed the Parks and Rec Cast for Art

Andy Dwyer would be so proud.

Chris Pratt flashed people!? OH, it was for art. Whew. That explains it. "Strip unexpectedly nude," might not be great general advice to get the reaction you're looking for in life, but it sure worked for an episode of Parks and Rec, whether NBC was happy about it or not.

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Don’t Take Selfies With Our Friend Bill Nye While He’s Defusing Bombs, Please

It's in everyone's best interests really.

Our Friend Bill Nye recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers. During the interview they talked about Nye's presidential selfie, talking about women with Neil deGrasse Tyson, why he chose to debate Ken Ham (and would do it again), and his repeated attempts to become an astronaut.

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Someone Give Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart a Late Night Talk Show

Make It So

Last week Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart appeared together not merely in a number of adorable photographs, but in actual moving recorded film on Late Night with Seth Meyers. McKellen and Stewart confided that they'd always wanted to be a talk show host and band leader, and, well, watch the video. Where's their show, television? And where's my fan art of the two doing Aang and Zukko's dragon dance, internet? Previously in Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

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