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Seth Meyers Leaned into the Misogyny Epidemic in His Golden Globes Speech Because What the Hell Else Was He Going to Do?

When it was announced that Seth Meyers was chosen to host this year’s Golden Globes specifically because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was looking for a “feminist” choice, it was disappointing. Even for fans of Meyers, a group of which I am firmly a member, that is a ludicrous and insulting appointment. If you want a “feminist” host at a moment in time that is specifically focused on past discrimination and future empowerment, here’s a suggestion: HIRE A FREAKING WOMAN.

That being said, Seth Meyers–as I and many saw it–did a fantastic job. He had a look of terror in his eyes during his entire opening monologue, and he even compared his role at the event to the first dog being launched into space–he’s an experiment and he’s proud to fill the role, even if he ends up being a sacrifice for the cause.

His whole speech is great, and you can watch it above. Here are a few of my favorite jokes:

  • Opening to a greeting of “Ladies and remaining gentlemen.”
  • Celebrating the fact that “marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn’t.”
  • To the male nominees in the room: “This will be the first time it won’t be terrifying to hear your name read out loud.”
  • Most people don’t know much about the Hollywood Foreign Press, but it’s hard to imagine a combination of words better “designed to infuriate Trump.” His suggestion:Hillary Mexico Salad Association”
  • He also acknowledged that Harvey Weinstein wasn’t there tonight, obviously. But he’ll be back, in like 20 years, as  the “first person ever booed during the in memoriam.” ACCURATE.
  • Finally, Meyers was on one of my favorite podcasts this weekend, Pod Save America, and the banter resulted in a joke so good that he actually lamented not being able to include it in the show. Clearly, they worked out the permission needed, because it made its way into the monologue. Meyers hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011 and made some jokes at Trump’s expense. Some credit those jokes (to an extent) for Trump’s inspiration to run for office himself. Which is why Meyers used his time here to throw similar insults at Oprah and Tom Hanks. Because if you’re going to disparage someone into running for president, you could pick worse targets than those two.

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