Stefon (Bill Hader) sits at a desk next to 'Weekend Update' anchor Seth Meyers on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Seth Meyers Teases the ‘Stefon’ Movie, Which Had EVERYTHING

Late Night with Seth Meyers host and Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers appeared on a recent episode of the Las Culturistas podcast, where he discussed his career in comedy with hosts Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang. Meyers spent a good deal of the episode discussing his tenure at SNL when he shared an anecdote about the never-made SNL Stefon movie.

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One of the most popular recurring SNL characters of the 2010s, Stefon was created by Bill Hader and John Mulaney. The flamboyant clubgoer made multiple appearances as a “city correspondent” on Weekend Update, where he would recommend outlandish and hilariously disturbing nightclubs to Meyers. Stefon quickly became a fan favorite thanks to Hader’s inspired performance and Mulaney’s habit of swapping punch lines on cue cards at the last minute which caused Hader to break character.

Given Stefon’s immense popularity, it’s no surprise that the producers at SNL were developing a film around the character. Unfortunately for everyone, that film never got made, but Meyers shared his planned role in the film on Las Culturistas.

“It should start with Stefon at Weekend Update, and when it’s over, I’m once again disappointed that as the city correspondent, he did not bring whatever St. Patrick’s Day tips. And he says, ‘To make it up to you, just come out, have a night me and you together, Stefon’s New York.’ And I’m like, ‘All right, one night.’ And then you would do these super fast cuts of he and I at all these crazy clubs. That would be the opening montage, and then it would end with me in a body bag, and Stefon would say, ‘He’s dead!’ Then the splash: Stefon: The Movie.”

And now I’m even more disappointed we’ll never get a Stefon movie! As a whole, SNL movies can be a mixed bag. When they’re good, they’re iconic, like Wayne’s World and Blues Brothers. And when they’re bad … well, you get something like It’s Pat. SNL has made 11 films inspired by characters from the show, with the most recent being 2010’s MacGruber. In the meantime, I’ll just have to imagine what a Stefon movie could have been, with Hobocops, human Roombas, DJ Baby Bokchoy, and Sidney Applebaum the Jewish Dracula.

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