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Amber Ruffin Apologizing Like a Sexual Harasser on Late Night with Seth Meyers Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

"I'm sorry your face feels punched."

As more survivors are coming forward to name their abusers and allegations against predatory men are becoming public news instead of industry secrets, faux or poorly-written apologies that dodge responsibilities are become equally prevalent. (See: the Celebrity Perv Apology Generator.) These apologies often follow a similar script full of excuses, denial, and gaslighting.

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Amber Ruffin’s latest Late Night with Seth Meyers segment is all about how terrible these “apologies” are, and how they don’t fool anyone.

Ruffin opens the segment by talking about the many apologies some high-profile men have recently offered after being accused of sexual harassment, assault, or misconduct (sometimes all three!), and how they’ve inspired her. She punches Seth Meyers in the face for all of us to see and when confronted by a confused Meyers, offered some classic responses:

Meyers: You just punched me in the face.

Ruffin: I categorically deny those allegations.

Meyers: Amber, you just punched me.

Ruffin: Did I? That doesn’t sound like me. Anyone who knows me would say that’s very out of character.

Meyers: Amber, you came out here, you sat down, and you punched me in the face.

Ruffin: I remember those events differently.

Meyers: Amber!

Ruffin: I’m sorry [pause] that your face feels punched.

Meyers: That’s not an apology.

Ruffin: Seth, it was a different time back then. 

Meyers: It was 30 seconds ago! And you punched me in the face!

Ruffin: Me? Punch someone in the face? Look, I’ve always been a supporter of faces. Some of my best friends have faces.

Meyers: Amber, you punched me in the face and it’s wrong. And when we do something wrong the right thing to do is apologize clearly and sincerely and without caveat.

Ruffin: I did punch Seth Meyers in the face and I am sorry. I guess I was hesitant to apologize because then everyone would know I’m a dirty face puncher. And now, because people know I’m a face puncher, there are certain jobs that I just can’t have like movie producer or Today Show host or senator from Minnesota. But I can still be a senator from Alabama. Vote Amber Ruffin, baby!

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